SHADOW KISSED (‘Flash Life’) by Yvonne Onyinye

4:10pm, Lekki-Ajah Expressway, opp. Ikota Shopping complex. ‘What’s this stupid girl doing?’ Bus driver Y is yelling. ‘She’s about to get herself killed’, that’s a passenger talking. ‘She has no earphones on, is this a suicidal attempt?’, another passenger. ‘Get out of the way, omo ale’, a thug grabs the stupid girl’s arm and drags … Continue reading SHADOW KISSED (‘Flash Life’) by Yvonne Onyinye

LOST (In Mad Blues)

(For those who love without ceasing individually and an ailing nation) He sighs… The dizzying crisscross of her steps no longer stir his passion much like her physical fashion her flowing hair long gone wild glistens no more. He is beguiled and cheated as he sees her in reality a lady of sorts different from … Continue reading LOST (In Mad Blues)


Bless the inky winds flapping my winged thoughts flying that increases the glory of the sun lighting the love The various lines and rhymes metaphors, imageries and times None compare to the best –   Not the many successes I crave nor the anguish and fear of the grave none more is close to the … Continue reading BLESS THE INKY WINDS