SHADOW KISSED (‘Flash Life’) by Yvonne Onyinye

4:10pm, Lekki-Ajah Expressway, opp. Ikota Shopping complex.
‘What’s this stupid girl doing?’ Bus driver Y is yelling. ‘She’s about to get herself killed’, that’s a passenger talking. ‘She has no earphones on, is this a suicidal attempt?’, another passenger.
‘Get out of the way, omo ale’, a thug grabs the stupid girl’s arm and drags her to the paved sidewalk.

My arm did hurt, but that jerked me back to reality.

Was I about to get myself killed? On Valentine’s Day?

My palms were dry and cold and very pale. I looked like death warmed up, as a matter of fact, in just 10 seconds of my life, I got kissed by death. What would the headlines have said? Would my story have appeared on Linda Ikeji’s blog? And I haven’t even gotten to my golden age yet. I didn’t even get to wish Ikhide R. Ikheloa a happy birthday or ask Chris Ogunlowo out for dinner. No, I wasn’t ready to die.

Six hours later, I was sitting in a fancy restaurant, excited about the soup I was having with someone I had just met.
Barely an hour later, I was receiving a gift of Macy Gray’s album.
And this morning I’m not doing the walk of shame.

What can I say, it was a good Valentine after all.



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12 thoughts on “SHADOW KISSED (‘Flash Life’) by Yvonne Onyinye

  1. Phew! That was a really close shave! Whatever were you thing ’bout before getting jerked outta your reverie and back to Earth from Limbo?! Oh Wow! *raised eyebrow* LMAO

    What can I say?! Good for you, lucky duck! Life’s precious and its only for the living! Today’s a divine gift and that’s why its called ‘The Present’! Live life fully and also be cautious! Just yesterday, a man who perhaps thought himself smart and fast or just plain idiotic by my own reasoning, thought he could outrun a moving train, but guess what…he got crushed by it to the horror of all and sundry! A grim discovery and I wonder if he was right in the head at all, such daredevilry! Now, he’s gone and will not tell his story; of what may have possessed him to embark on such a foolhardy mission! I’m happy for you, stay alive and thanks for sharing! Short and fast-paced! Enjoyed it! Cheers!


      1. Hmm…..I wonder who that someone is! Quit fishing Su’eddie, diggin’ up dirt will get thee nowhere with me, I don’t kiss and tell! Hmph!


        1. Hehehe! Where do you get off twisting my words Sly, Sneaky Su’eddie?! You REALLY think you’ve got this in the bag doncha?! Well then, allow me to blow your mind WIDE OPEN, so here goes….’Kiss and Tell’, pun ABSOLUTELY intended like DUH!!!! Get it now?! So, who’s the ‘man’?! *raised eyebrow* HMPH! ROTFLMAO!


        2. Kiss and tell… Mmmhmmm… Then what happened? Talk jare! Get us a blog post! Get us a blog post! Yemie Yemie Yemie! 🙂

          If it makes you sleep better at night… you da man! 😉


        3. Aren’t you incorrigible Su’eddie?! Still fishing I see! Hmm…. *raised eyebrow*

          Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies! In other words, I’m STILL NOT telling! Get a grip! Gosh! LMAO!

          A new post’s definitely brewing, just watch out for that one! In the mean time…..#fingerscrossed# LOL


        4. Yeah, sure, I do know! Infact, niceness has become you so much so that its oozing from every pore of your being! Its so darn poignant and palplable! However could I not know or notice?! Worry not and rest assured, you can be pretty sure am in the know! Case File Originale! That will certainly be you! Choi! *shakingmyhead* LMAO!


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