(Courtesy Ms. Charles-Ayede Archives)

The only thing that was on Primkwap’s mind and had been for a long time now was Hemba. Since he had first seen her, he had been going gaga. He was tripping for her and he knew that he was soon going to fall. He would have loved to approach her but he had a problem with girls turning him down. Well, that was not exactly all. If she accepted him, there would be a long relationship – he was not prepared. What he needed from her at the moment was a merger of their sacred fluids. A simple fling would be enough for him. He thought about going to ask her out again. He was not bad looking, he knew that. Perhaps, they would have a mutual agreement on just being ‘brief.’ Over there too, there was the case of the dreaded AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Oh! He could use a condom…but his church was against it. Oh well, whatever. All these conflicts – he decided to find out from a friend if it was a good idea.
Bebe was very helpful and after advising Primkwap against approaching the girl, showed him ‘worthier’ people who had been given the cold shoulder. This last piece of information of course, was the most interesting. Primkwap went home feeling happier that he had sought Bebe’s counsel before daring on his adventure. (Well, anything that has to do with women always is.) He decided to forget the girl and continue with his normal life. The girl was taking too much space in his head. It had been a month since he started noticing her and he was noticeably, turning to a wreck on account of his lust. Yes, this nonsense had to end.
He was doing very well in his normal life until he chanced upon her again, exactly a month after his decision. He looked at her properly and discovered that she was looking more irresistible than before. He wondered why he had ever thought of taking his mind off her. He thought of approaching her again but several reasons came to his mind on why he should not. This was a tough one. In the end, he decided to visit someone for advice. This time, the bad belle Bebe would definitely not come into the picture. Hmm, maybe the boy was even interested in the girl. Anyway, this time it had to be Alôbô. Alôbô, an acquaintance, knew a thing or two about psychology and perhaps could be of some help. Primkwap found the guy to be more than he bargained for. After listening to Primkwap’s story (and finding out the girl who he was trying to seduce), Alôbô told him he had come to the right place. At the mention of the name, Alôbô had become very enthusiastic and Primkwap had to wonder if all was well. Alôbô knew the art of hypnosis and could even teach it! He taught the principles and steps to Primkwap. After series of practice over a short period of time, Primkwap decided that he was well acquainted and prepared. He decided that it was time to strike his prey.
It wasn’t long before their paths literally crossed again:
‘How may I help you?’
Primkwap kicked the ground to steady himself.
‘You want to talk?’ He did and the rest flowed.
He started his hypnosis process with accustomed ease. The girl was soon in his powers – his zombie. He could not believe it. It was too good to be true. He commanded her to do a number of things and was assured that she in his total control. He smiled a large smile of contentment. He puppeteered her to a convenient and eh…cool joint. This was an uncompleted building but the heat of passion sometimes works to clear the head of reasoning and shuts man to perils and dangers. At least, till the passion passes. All was set, he told her to strip…

The boy’s eyes adjusted to his setting. He kept on walking. He had once again proven super. He was grateful to Alôbô. He had hypnotized the girl and had his way. He was happy that he was going to another town the next day on transfer. He put his hand in his pocket. He removed his wallet and OUCH! Where was his money? He saw a note saying simply; “THANKS”. He instantly remembered giving the girl the money. As if in a trance, he moved to get more for her.

She felt happy that she had the gift. Hmm, she wondered if her troublesome younger brother knew that she taught him fake things on hypnosis practices.

(From the archives…)
© Su’eddie Vershima Agema



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