LOST (In Mad Blues)

(For those who love without ceasing individually and an ailing nation)

He sighs…

The dizzying crisscross of her steps
no longer stir his passion
much like her physical fashion
her flowing hair long gone wild
glistens no more. He is beguiled
and cheated as he sees her in reality a lady of sorts
different from what he sees– much in his beautiful thoughts.
His cardiac mosaic bears a different face
of a lady in a far different place…

‘Love, come back’ he calls
as the several tears rush in falls.
He would do what he can to get her at any cost
But he’s lost
Much as she is, lost
Lost and cursed.
madder in love
as she to whom is madder in worth
crushed for he lost her to one more powerful –
who can withstand nature’s will?

His thoughts bring memories of treasured songs
lovely tunes grooving without thoughts of any wrongs.
He comes back to the speed of the present
and he wonders where all that great beauty went.
As the naked woman gives pursuit his mind goes back
– not to the wild woman ready to attack
but the lady hiding within the many tangled fold
clutched in the talon of craziness’ hold.
He thinks of the lady, the one he swore to love…
His tear bank breaks. That lady within he realizes, would he forever love.


– Su’eddie Vershima Agema





(Thanks to Sibbyl Whyte whose poem helped me in thinking and much more that led to the inspiration behind this poem)



Some all-rounded writer with the wits to turn anything and everything to words with inspiration... cheering to glory and on...

3 thoughts on “LOST (In Mad Blues)

  1. Oh my God… I dropped a tear or two while going through these captivating lines. Beautiful, heart-gripping piece. It’s hard to bear- losing someone/ a nation we so loved to someone else/other nations. I applaud you, Su’.


    1. Thank you, Sewuese. I don’t always do narrative poems but they really are the type of poems I love most. We can only pray that things smile for us and life treats us far kind.


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