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I wanted to cart psalms from the scripture of my mouth. Write a poem to celebrate this day, but like before, I failed again. So I resort to my escapist style of writing what is neither poetry nor prose. Dagga, I merge you into genres (Is this line a poem? Can’t a single line be a complete poem?)
I picked my pen to write a poem and what came out was a bible quotation. Bible quotation to celebrate Aj Dagga Tolar? But isn’t that the beauty of poetry? But maybe that is where my failure to write Dagga a poem began.
“And God said let us make man in our own image…”
Genesis 1:26

God is draped in dreadlocks
On his head is planted a continent of rough angels
In the song note of September novena
I sing you from the choir in my mouth

I wrote other lines that I threw out immediately. The four lines could be a complete poem, but how can I sing of Dagga from the choir of my mouth without linking the battalion of stars that surrounds his life and throne of deeds? So I stop the poem to write a biography, a book review and an autobiography. Like a God that I mentioned him to be (it is the freedom of a poet to either capitalize his G or not) and how he weaved my destiny through soft and hard trainings.
If this is prose, it defies narrative techniques. Because it talks to you Dagga. So when I alternate I(s) and you(s) and Dagga is being described by an omniscient, it is the freedom that I enjoy.


A SEASON OF SUMMER for Dotta Raphels (Words) by Su’eddie Vershima Agema

Ah! I woke to discover something strange, see me see trouble oooooo!

Someone is growing older…and finer, despite the creasing waves that decorate her forehead and the other aches that cross her soul… You should see this sister of mine, juggling a million things while being a super mum, great sister, friend, worker, wife and all… How do women of our family handle so much? Aondo! You alone are the magician who gives this grace…

Dotta, you shall find peace, you shall find ease on these roads that lead us to the abode of every man. You shall find happiness, contentment shall crown your worth…

Mercy Njideka Okafor, Adeduntan’s best addition… You are more than what anyone knows or can dare comprehend. Hug the sun today, for its warmth was sent to drive away every cold. In this new year, summer will be your theme.

Happy Birthday to you and all the lovely children who you have birthed for your entry to these plains was the start of their own journey. Live long, live young. We are with you nwa nnem. Happy Birthday.



Not a regular post today, Izza…

No, for you are not a regular lady. You are the one who celebrates 23 and six days…

We are ticking the tock for you… Holding on to the chime of hours…waiting till the time when your age will match the full length of a regular clock.

And in every second passing, saying one more prayer for you.

In this new year, I pray that writing will find you, your muse kiss you and creativity pour forth softly from you to leave everyone dazed, dazzled, and smiling in admiration.

We celebrate you Izza.


COCK CROWS IN MAY FOR ANOOSHA (A Birthday Poem) by Su’eddie Vershima Agema

(for Anoosha Fatima)

The cock crows in some village far away
the signal for the start of a new day

Others yawn away the start of no special time
but one special girl, Anoosha owns today’s chime

The calendar crosses out another date
and she discovers new dreams that can’t wait
hopes of a future that will never die
the sun smiles in its fieriness acrosAnoosha Fatimas the sky
announcing it will be her guide
she smiles back ready for the ride

Anoosha, poet, sweet lady and growing friend
I celebrate you on this day from Africa to the world’s end
always believe in your every dream
and know my faith in you will never slim

So, as we slowly count down the chime of this day
know come what may, we celebrate you this magic wonder of May!

QUICK FACTS: Anoosha is a really lovely poet and she is in only her teens! She’s in high school and leaves me wondering where I would have been if I was half as good as her at her age. She is a delightful spirit and yup, I think loves Miley and some of those cool American teen (some former) wonders! Anoosha is inspiring and is warm.

You can also check Anoosha’s blog by clicking HERE… And yes, please, don’t forget to tell her Happy Birthday too 🙂



ON ANOTHER BIRTHDAY (A Poem) by Su’eddie Vershima Agema

(for Sephaa Charles-Ayede…and for this day, Ngodoo…)


We are twins differed by the breath of light years…
yes, you the little rascal clipping off her hair at intervals.
I go to my mind’s trove bringing up your worth—
noting pictures painted on my mindscape
of memories long tucked away, those kept safe…

I’ve heard them trample your worth in human terms
but who dares compare your essence?
Your entry to these plain brought rainbows
that kept us strong in the midst of great storms
a promise of hope that transformed our lives.
I celebrate your inching step to age and a catching up with me
that might never be
in the twirling years that greys me more as it advances your worth…
As you kiss years I have romanced,

I ask that the times be more merciful on you,
that love cuddle you close
each moment bloom like the cliché rosesef yanga
that you learn from its prick
and hold to its scent…

On this new year, dear, smile to Janus.

sefa abr


Dawning to light (A Birthday Poem) by Su’eddie Vershima Agema

(for a wonderful man; my friend and teacher, Hyginus Ekwuazi)

The owl has nested his head
the raven croaked to bed
the heavens spray new rays from source…

Hyginus Ekwuazi

Herald, listen: the beauty of the dawn chorus.


Not till the final i finds its dot
the cross to T its spot
not till Aôndo’s face
shines a stop—would you leave this place.

The day calls yet to the child
wonder hidden in the man whole.
Answer: there’s play outside, wild
play that lifts the soul.
[From Home Equals Holes: Tale of an Exile]


This Dawn Arise (A Poem) by Hyginus Ekwuazi

(For my friend, Su’eddie)
This, only this, would I have you note
this birthday:
on creation’s day of gifts
he gave you feet
to walk this rough-hewn earth—
had he wanted you to fly
he’d have given you wings!
This, also, note:
the well-beaten track is like water:
no one leaves their footprints on water—
not even he who alone walked on water.
This dawn, arise—arise!
Arise, take your dream
take your dream to the end of the road
to the end of the road that does not exist
and then take the road
take the road to the end of your dream—
in measured steps
stake out that road to the end of your dream.

Hyginus Ekwuazi is a multiple award-winning poet, playwright and novelist. He has four published poetry collections (countless others thrown away), a couple of plays, screenplays, a novel I’ve miles to walk before I sleep, and countless academic papers. He is a literary


connoisseur and one of the leading contemporary Nigerian voices of poetry. Dr. Ekwuazi teaches Advertising and Media Arts at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He lives in Ibadan with his family, pets and a host of travelling friends.