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  1. Please you made a comment about my story THE IDENTICAL TWINS. You also showed interest in having my email address. I have supplied it. I look forward to hearing further from you.
    Thanks for finding time to read my stories.


  2. Nice one Eddie. it’s good to see u do what u know how to do best. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to go thru ur articles but hope to do so at a later date. Keep it up!

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  3. Terdue, thanks very much. Glad you could find time to drop by – hoping to have you come fulfil your words :)…Kenechukwu, sup? Been a long while…
    Happy New Year both!


  4. Hello Su’eddie. I have taken your advice you left on my ‘The thought process & the Mapuches’ and have started dividing up the information I am adding onto the blog to keep it a bit short. Thank you for reading and if you find any spelling mistakes or if you think I can express something in a better way, please let me know.

    I read that your make comments on political issues. Well, the work I am writing about is quite political, but it will be a ceramic artwork. I think that in the art world we have a special licence to express political issues and be in a safe platform.


    1. Cecilia, have gone through the world searching for you…How come you haven’t posted anything in ages? Oh well, hope you good. Best wishes…


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  6. Hey Boss;
    Your blog contains only serious literature. Lol.
    I didn’t hear frm u again so thought to look for u all round.


  7. I’m so glad I found my way here through Zika’s blog. I can tell I’m going to enjoy looking around and reading your work. It’s always encouraging to see others laboring in the same fields, no matter how many miles away! Cheers,

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    1. Yaaaaaay! Hello Kathryn, 🙂 Thank you really much for finding time to come here, first of all, and also to drop a comment. Ah, that means much. Merci. I really hope you get to enjoy this lazy spot of mine… I probably should give Ziks a small salute for the referral 🙂
      I send a handshake across the miles. I am off to your blog too. Thanks 🙂


  8. Hello sueddie, its through surfing the net for the content on Chinua Achebe, i came across your blog. stopped by rather you forced me to stop at your blog and felt very happy for reading a few of your works. you are doing really a commendable job for the pals of same sort those who wish to bond together with common motive…..to share and benefit.
    well i chose “Chinua Achebe and his 5 Novels” as my research topic. I am from India particularly from Andhrapradesh a state. I don’t get momentum for completing it but problem lies on my side. well now in the renewed interest after knowing your blog, i wish i could complete it.I could access a few thesis written on Chinua Achebe’s Novels, and yesterday an idea blinked which is the reason why i am writing this..
    As you want people around to know what true Nigeria is and the works of your people… sharing the same in more detailed manner would help me to get a better glimpse of Our man Achebe and helps me in completing my research.

    Here is My Mail Id… satish.reserach@rediffmail.com.. I am requesting you to share with me any article written on chinua Achebe, and send me a few thesis written on him so that i could get even a better idea of compiling things in concrete manner.. and to brings Thing at a place…

    I know it is a lengthy post … hope you bear with this and looking forward for your help…



  9. Hello i am Usman Sani Muhammad, The president of Writers Ahmadu Bello University,Zaria. I Wrote to Dul Johnson the writer of Deeper Into The Night on reviews on the aforementioned he gave me this link, please do reply. Thanks


    1. Hello Usman. Nice to make your acquaintance. Sorry, I don’t really have a title to match yours but, I am Su’eddie. 🙂 What in particular would you want me to do for you? I have also sent you a mail with this same question. Let me know so we can see what we can do. Greetings.


  10. I’m just glad to finally see a platform that’s been laid down for young African writers to gain a lotta insights on African literature from.

    Keep up the commendable work you do.



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