Dance amongst the Hurricanes (A Poem) by Fubaraibi Anari Benstowe

The fires that could not consume us
Made our bones metals
This is how boys are forged into men

The world is for tungsten hearts
Men who dare their beast in the  face
And carry their mountains in baskets

The world is for those who dance
In gatherings of hurricanes
And still survive its suffocation.

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Will We Hear Tomorrow (A Poem) by Muhibb Aslu

Those who hear not
The sermon from graves
Should eavesdrop on Jawara’s
I hear a giggle-like roar
Unheard by salivating cats
Seated before a heavy lizard

Those who see not the womb
Of the ever heavy crystal ball
Should flip through Yesterday
They would hear songs
That make vegetables dance

There are tales in the atmosphere
Buried by the glaucoma
On eyeballs dressed in a lie

But mad is the dancer
To songs unsung

Dry is the moisture of a soliloquy
For we are dumb screamers

Will we hear tomorrow



*Muhibb Aslu, philosopher and poet, lives and writes from Minna, Niger State, NIGERIA

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Different dawns come upon us and the sun we see today, though the same that appears tomorrow is different in many ways – maybe in intensity, or just in the manner it sends its rays upon us. It is the same thing with affections, emotions and a whole lot more. Today, well, yesterday was a funny day. I got to remember much about family, and lost ones. It started with a movie, Lukewarm. The sub-plot was about a father-son relationship. It took me on a long journey; life.

Later, as the day wore on, as I walked the road with a friend and got to meet with family, and talk to other friends in different areas who needed a little help or the other, I got to realise that a lot of people are going through so much pain. So much pain, that we often do not note. It has been a learning period for me, these past weeks. I have learnt and am still learning much about friendship, about family and being grateful. Also about God who is always there for us too and Jesus. There’s always much to be grateful for. Always.

But back to this night, I watched a certain series about some girls who stood for their friend when a teacher tried to victimise her over grades (sex for grades). At the risk of going to jail, these three friends stood up for their friends. I was deeply touched, and I had to wonder what was wrong with me as I felt some tears.

Many times, even when you cannot give the specific help needed to aid a person out of pain, give an attentive ear, letting go of that seemingly important thing that you think you might have to do. Being there and saying the right word, just might be all it takes. Sometimes, even without those words, just being there, really being there… It takes a lot for some people to tell you their tales, and if you are privileged – for it is a deep one – please, be there.

Who knows where our tales will end – or how? You can be a hero and shine a light out of someone’s darkness…

On whatever roads life takes you this day, and even in the days ahead, I pray the roads will be safe, and that you will always have God’s grace to lead you, peace in your heart, then joy. And a friend.

Good morning.


A Poet in the Cold – Su’eddie Vershima Agema


Poets. Are crazy.

The rain is falling.

I have work to do and all that plays in my mind is the tap of the rain on my roof – tap, tap, tap. And the cold that sneaks into my body from my legs. Why wear a cardigan and have shorts on with slippers?

I stand to dance. I put on music of worship to accompany the rain. The cooked sound soon ends with the track.

Now, there’s an orchestra outside. Drops to the ground from the roof. Drops playing on the roof. The ground and other rain hits… Those hitting against other objects and the window… They play accompanied by a calm cold that holds…

I hear it all and embrace it with the silence, then smile forgetting everything that is the lot of the sentimental soul.


face of heaven (a poem) by su’eddie vershima agema

rainbows hide memories of misery
that certain storms bring
peace a colour
of the wind poured into one
that helps give our souls joy…

the face of heaven
is a smile that lived
in my heart
i found its construct
in your words
as they came together slowly
one on the other
…it was  also the beauty of your being
close to me
in flesh, as in heart…

to first draw a line
then stretch at the ends
a bow that brings peace
in grins
a fulfillment of ease

now and then
when uncertainty and past slips
seek to drown my ease
when storms blow in torments
i will seek treasured moments
to fight through the torrents
till the sun shines again to make things bright

i will seek you…
to help pull back that line
my eyes will look to the skies
and if no rainbow appears
in which your beauty is knit
i will draw one…then find you in it

i will find you
even if you be far…

i will draw our love anew
then bring together again
heaven’s face




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I could have lost you (a poem) by Su’eddie Vershima Agema

I could have lost you
whose crossed ten digits
clasped in devotion for me
whose smiling cheer
formed the water for my tree
in green and in drought


I could have lost you
in that blink
when the sun scorched
and I let my prayer fizzle
in the thought
your plantation was ever-green


Aôndo’s grace was rain in many ways
that stopped the flare of the devil’s scorch
even as time brought you back to crazed lanes…
Now, I would pour a sea of me
to tend to your every need
and if it goes dry…


I would bring down the sky
I would tend every burn
and bring you back
in the dreams and more
home would heal every hole.



(From Home Equals Holes: Tale of an Exile. Makurdi: SEVHAGE, 2014)



There’s been much to the heart of late. Makes you really wonder about a lot of things. Society’s position on a lot of issues and the like. You see transformations, manipulations and you just keep wondering. Did you hear that by 2025 or so, robots would be brought to replace men in sex? Have you seen all the ways we humans have kept distorting ourselves trying to find meaning in new skins, turning back, proclaiming what we think we know then renouncing it the next day?

Friendship seems to be losing its meaning. Even love. Even relationships. Makes one wonder where the family unit is heading to. Can more than two people exist in one whole? What then is the sacredness of the union of two souls? If two soul mates have found each other, why don’t they just reach out, damn the consequences and hold on to each other? Where is sacrifice? How come people now only find the easy way out in everything including emotions?

Life is getting shorter and more and more, obituaries—individual and collective—become more popular with our sights beholding new posters and/or pictures. Too much is happening at the same time and it just leaves you wondering…

I have kept trying to redefine myself and to understand much, especially in these past days. I have had to make decisions and I am still making decisions. I believe in the sacredness of marriage, of trust, of family, of friendship and of a couple alone together. Does this make me to be of a world that no longer exists?

Maybe. Maybe not.

There’s loyalty and there’s much that we have to fight for. There’s also our personal persons, fulfilling our purpose and making each second count.

Let’s make this world a better place again and regain values that always make each moment worth it. Be bold and take decisions.

Importantly, be true to yourself.


  • Su’eddie Vershima Agema

life’s measure

(As another comet flies to join the constellations)

Life. Life happens in a breath. Inhale. Live. Then…
Exhale to that space where the soul flows to the tune of our thoughts…

Inhale. We who live as we mourn those whose breaths will no longer kiss our faces. Whose thoughts will become cherished jewels in our chests.

Life flows on. Till we exhale.


FREEDOM (A POEM) by Su’eddie Vershima Agema

(for the nation of the Rainbow and all who live that we may die)

Tell these evil lords we see

That our plea is to be free

From the deep hate that has bloated their weight.