THE FIRST OF MANY LOVE NOTES (A POEM) by Sefa Renee Charles-Ayede

You’ve raised countless armies and helped mould empires out of individuals You’ve fed everyone whom you backed, like the Queens you’ve raised have done with princes You’ve fed not alone those who are biologically yours You don’t see the difference between man and beast As long as they are a part of nature’s limited yet … Continue reading THE FIRST OF MANY LOVE NOTES (A POEM) by Sefa Renee Charles-Ayede

LOST (In Mad Blues)

(For those who love without ceasing individually and an ailing nation) He sighs… The dizzying crisscross of her steps no longer stir his passion much like her physical fashion her flowing hair long gone wild glistens no more. He is beguiled and cheated as he sees her in reality a lady of sorts different from … Continue reading LOST (In Mad Blues)


Hey guys! If you’re interested in poetry, names and African culture, you’ll probably like my interview with poet, Dike Chukwumerije, out today, in the recent issue of Saraba Magazine (Available for free download here) And if you like freebies and giveaways, you’ll be interested to know that I’ll be giving away 2 autographed copies of his poetry collection, Ahamefula: The Cultural Significance of … Continue reading EASTER BONANZA by Akumbu Uche