I never knew how much I love Nigeria, my country. More and more, I feel it in my soul. The beauty of the several people that come together to form this great entity. I know how much we have lost because I have lived my fair share of three decades in this great place, seeing giants fall, watching establishments lose the essence of that which once lifted them high. Still, I have seen new growth in organisations and people too! Realities we thought would never fade have withered to dust but again, dreams we never dared imagine have become nature.

As time comes again, in this season where disbelief becomes the lot of many a person; when darkness is seen in the clouds of despair occasioned by an economic recession and a confusion that we cannot understand… When peace comes in snatches amid news from diverse parts, from the North-East to the South-South and the middle that belts us in sorrow… When grazers turn terminators and leaders turn raiders of our loot…

There is much to do, so much to do. We have to raise our spirits and fight with every fibre of our strength to keep our sanity, for behind dark clouds lie the sun – waiting to shine again, when you wait. There is the glory of wealth that will be ours again when confusion’s fog lifts and we play our parts. Silence is golden; but what use is gold to the dead? Speak against everything wrong and contribute in every way.

Look around you, there is a song, we need not add to its wrong. Let us chime our tune. You can start by signing at or you could simply write against all evils and fight against everything that kills us, support everything that builds the beauty in this land of ours.


All for Nigeria

Song for the moment: Great Nation by Timi Dakolo.



Some all-rounded writer with the wits to turn anything and everything to words with inspiration... cheering to glory and on...

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