THE FIRST OF MANY LOVE NOTES (A POEM) by Sefa Renee Charles-Ayede

You’ve raised countless armies and helped mould empires out of individuals
You’ve fed everyone whom you backed, like the Queens you’ve raised have done with princes
You’ve fed not alone those who are biologically yours
You don’t see the difference between man and beast
As long as they are a part of nature’s limited yet sufficient circle
You’d show them as much love
In fact a great amount, if we could quantify love

My ancestors and the ancestors of many travailed far and wide looking for a space of their own
You opened your arms and your heart to as many people who sought a place to call home
Your heart is one that doesn’t see black or white, the rainbow is limited compared to how

                           colourful and warm your heart is
You’re more than just lands, rivers and mountains
There’s so much to you than the jewellery you’ve been divinely adorned with

It is futile using mere words to describe your beauty
Every angle only magnifies the limitlessness of your splendour
Mother of nations, wife to none
Daughter of a great father, yes you are his heart

Five decades is not how long you’ve existed
You always been since the Genesis
You’re relentless, like light it’s difficult to hide you
Again, these words fail woefully
How do you actually define GREAT without falling short of its ….?

A child can only boast of a woman he sees wonderful enough to be called Mother
A soldier can only lay his life for a land he sees worth dying for
The quality of a surname is dependent on the one who starts it

For the grounds that raised me, I ask that you only grow more fertile and stronger
I’ll take my time to walk, stop and pay tribute to YOU

A soldier can only lay his life for a land he sees worth dying for …
       N    I   G   E   R   I    A 
Sefa Renee Charles-Ayede is a Nigerian poet based in Malaysia.


Some all-rounded writer with the wits to turn anything and everything to words with inspiration... cheering to glory and on...

One thought on “THE FIRST OF MANY LOVE NOTES (A POEM) by Sefa Renee Charles-Ayede

  1. A more than worthy tribute for our great country, I find this! More Pen Power to the Poet and God bless Nigeria and every precious soul that braves it enough, to dwell herein! Thanks for sharing Sagely One, network’s been a drag on here and thus slowed down me online activities! Cheers Sir!😄👉


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