A SEASON OF SUMMER for Dotta Raphels (Words) by Su’eddie Vershima Agema

8 thoughts on “A SEASON OF SUMMER for Dotta Raphels (Words) by Su’eddie Vershima Agema”

  1. Happpy birthday to Mercy (I hope I spelled the name right )
    May she lives a healthy, wealthy and prosperous life 🙂


  2. Hug the sun today you say lit’ one :)?
    yes sir, I will. Not just today, but always, for that warmth does miracles beyond ordinary aches and pains.
    Live young and live long you say too…
    Oh Su’ , for us overwhelmed with favor and seeped in this love, it is but a given.
    Aondo in you is so much more than ordinary eyes see. These are but a few of those buffers that holds me afloat.
    You warm me so Su’ and you make every day worth smiling about because of your fierce resolve on never giving in or up.
    My day’s been great despite the aches and pains; as in a poem by our mutual friend Ada Agada, I RISE WITH THE BLUES. 🙂
    Still standing lit’ bro, and may love keep us still.

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    1. Love will keep us plenty! Yaaaaay! I am dancing on your behalf… Walahi.. If you see how I was twisting and giving the moves… I wasn’t sure if you would have the time to spare so I helped to do it for you… All sorts of songs; I will soon get back to it now masef! 🙂
      The aches will take a break, and the pains will slowly fade… Happy Birthday dearest fairest and it is great to know that each day will be new for you, even as you make each second count… Don’t you always? *bigHugs!


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