Bless the inky winds

flapping my winged thoughts


that increases the glory

of the sun

lighting the love

The various lines and rhymes

metaphors, imageries and times

None compare to the best –


Not the many successes I crave

nor the anguish and fear of the grave

none more is close

to the best

in whom I rest…

You remain the best thing

that not a single hope

can rope


Or ever record

Permit then this single mite

for it is the only offering

that a loving heart

assisted by mortal frail faulty hands tender


it is my all

to the one for whom I always fall








Some all-rounded writer with the wits to turn anything and everything to words with inspiration... cheering to glory and on...

8 thoughts on “BLESS THE INKY WINDS

  1. I LOVE IT!
    I hear the created giving praise to the creator for the honor to create….a mouth full I know, but that’s what you’ve gone and done here Sueddie.

    It is only when we realize and acknowledge the powers of creation and the responsibilities that follow, only then do such humble and eloquent praise follow.

    A true master appreciating his craft!


  2. Su’eddie, why do you write so beautifully? Actually, I meant, how on earth do you flow with words like this and touch my heart and leave me teary eyed?
    This poem was deep. Well done!


    1. No way!! Nobody is going to make me blush!! No matter what!! Not even the delightful Moskeda! Mba, I refuse.
      Okay, half cheek blush…red turn small…
      🙂 Thanks Mos…thank you. That’s touching. *dab dab


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