Cross My Soul (A Poem) By Leah Sewuese Anyo

If ever I knelt
Before the very altar of God
I’d shed no tears
Compared to this river flowing
And the drums playing
Within my heart

I call it murder
I stare in utter wonder
The way you walk in such perfection
And yet stir in me
Such pitiless emptiness

It’s hard to tell
And still harder to hide
As one looks at one
without a single utterance

With each day rushing
To see the future
It feels I’m drowning into a new world-
A world of inflammations

With each smile from the setting sun
I utter your name in sweetness
And nothing has ever felt so rhythmic
Like the echo of your voice

I might as well think it funny
Not a single word has breathed out
Yet the thoughts are over-whelming
And they fill me with much tenderness

I’m running behind time
Caught in this burning flame
That threatens to turn my soul to coal
As my heartbeat increases by each second

Now torn in shreds
I hang my neck in confusion
A number of questions storm my mind
One being more pressing

Do people love without telling
Living and dying with such feelings?

Lonely hearts (
Lonely hearts (





Leah Sewuese Anyo is the President of the Writers’ League of Benue State University, Makurdi.


*Note: Picture not that of the poet. SVA



Some all-rounded writer with the wits to turn anything and everything to words with inspiration... cheering to glory and on...

10 thoughts on “Cross My Soul (A Poem) By Leah Sewuese Anyo

  1. To Leah
    good diction i can say and a beautiful poem.kegood diction i good diction i can say and a beautiful poem.kegood diction i can say


  2. Nice lines…fully portrays ‘a shouldn’t be loneliness’. I like the rhetoric, ‘Do people love without telling/living and dying with such feelings?’


    1. True, deep words. It feels like an anguish that came from the soul truly. It is the cross that several people have to bare. The sad part is that several die with this knowledge they refuse to share… Others who even confess are not sure of a returned affection. The fear of rejection… Ah! Kai… Oh well…


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