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Abuja Literary Society Hosts Poet amu nnadi at Sandralia Hotel, Jabi, Abuja tonight

If you aren’t in Makurdi like regular me…and you are in Abuja… Here is good news and a cool place to hang out for anyone with literary pretensions. ..

At the Abuja Literary Society (ALS) we like all things creative, whether it’s a book or a song, a short story or a poem, or even some weird stuff we have to spend time first trying to figure out what exactly it is. As long as you’re not just calling a spade, a spade. That kind of language we leave to Newspapers.
This evening therefore we’ll be digging into that total enigma, the creative mind. What makes it tick? These people who will watch approaching night quietly for a few seconds then pick up a laptop and type these words out: “night approaches with naked thighs, flashing a seductive smile, sky blushes, gathering her lingerie around the waist of horizons…”
That is how Chijioke Amu-nnadi –

amu nnadi - the cool guy with the shades. I'm the other one.

one of our most gifted poets – sees the world it seems, in metaphors. And his
poetry collection – A Field of Echoes – is full of them. So we’ll be asking him tonight, on your behalf, “Why oh why, Mister Poet, can you not speak in plain English?” (Yes, if you like you can even ask him this yourself.)
Time – 7pm
Venue – Sandralia Hotel Jabi
This is the ALS Book Jam, where we interact with guest writers and ask them whatever we like. We also like interludes, but never really schedule anyone in. So, if you’re something of a musician or a performance poet, or some other sort of public engager, and wouldn’t mind being the interlude, let us know when you get here.
Plus, DVDs from ‪#‎AbujaNSW5‬ will be on sale at the venue. N1000 only. And you can get to watch from the comfort of your laptop what was, well, an amazing night of Poetry. Who knows? You might actually be inspired.
Don’t be a stranger. Bring a friend

– Dike Chukwumerije



Some all-rounded writer with the wits to turn anything and everything to words with inspiration... cheering to glory and on...

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