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Congratulations to the shortlisted writers!


A total of 370 poems, 110 short stories, eleven creative non-fiction pieces and one poem for the secondary school category were entered for the SEVHAGE Literary Prizes 2019 competition. The judges had to take more time to ensure that they selected only the best in the different categories. Because only one entry was entered for the students category of the SEVHAGE/Angya Poetry Prize, it has regretfully been suspended for this year. An on-the-spot poetry competition for secondary school students will take place on Saturday 22nd June, 2019 at the J. S. Tarka Foundation by 9am.

Below are two comments from the poetry judges:

There was an electric response to our call for submission for the BBAF-organized poetry prize, containing poems that are an archive of joy, memory and resilience of the human spirit and endeavour. We were genuinely shocked by the possibilities of power, risk and surprise in the shortlisted…

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The Benue Book and Arts festival (presented by SEVHAGE) is scheduled to take place in Makurdi the capital city of Benue State in Nigeria from 20th to 22nd June, 2019. It is being organised by SEVHAGE Literary & Development Initiative and SEVHAGE Publishers as part of the SEVHAGE Presents series of festivals. Featured writers include Professor Dul Johnson (Winner, ANA Prize for Fiction 2017), Dr. Maria Ajima (multiple award winning writer and critic, leading voice in Northern Nigerian literature), Agatha Agema (nee Aduro) (author of The Enchanting and other poems); sensational writer and prolific author, Chuma Nwokolo, Innocence Silas Sharamang (Double Winner of the Korea Nigeria Poetry Prize), Servio Gbadamosi (ANA Prize for Poetry 2015 and Shortlist, Wole Soyinka Prize 2018); the literary administrator and author of City of Memories, Richard Ali; short story writer and social media influencer Eketti Edime, Bizuum Yadok; T. J. Benson (award winning author of We won’t fade into darkness); spoken word maestro Bash Amuneni; spoken word diva and amazing poet, Daisy Odey; Maik Ortserga; Jide Badmus (author of Scriptures), Chinua Ezenwa-Ohaeto (multiple award winning poet), Seun Odukoya, Ahmed Maiwada (award winning poet), Isaac Attah Ogezi (award winning playwright), Mimi Werna, Aondosoo Labe, Debbie Iorliam, Oko Owi Ocho; Torkwase Igbana; Odoh Diego Okenyodo; amongst several others.


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The Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) has called for entries in six categories of its 2019 literary prizes. The prizes include ANA Prize for Poetry, ANA Prize for Prose Fiction and ANA Prize for Drama, worth N100,000, for published and unpublished works. The other prizes are ANA Prize for Children’s Literature (7 to 13 years age range) for Published works only, worth N100, 0000; ANA/Abubakar Gimba Prize for Fiction for published short stories collection worth N200, 000 and ANA/Maria Ajima Prize for Literary Criticism with focus on criticism of emergent Nigerian Literature worth N100,000.

The award is open to Nigerian writers, home and abroad. Works entered should have been published between 2018 and 2019. An entry fee of N3,000 is required for all the prizes.

Deadline is May 31, 2019. A shortlist will be announced in September, 2019 and winners of the prizes will be announced by the judges at the Awards Dinner during the 38th International Annual Convention of ANA in October, 2019.


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Personal letter from one soul to the next…

Read my sis and be nourished.
Makes sense.
How much do you know of post-colonialism and decolonisation?

Share your thoughts.

Bunmi's Space

*This piece was done for a session on cultivating wholeness and was shared in a group where other international students felt the narrative resonate with theirs. I’m telling because it needs to be told that our presence and bodies in spaces matter, regardless of other actors or narratives.*

I thought about what to write for my spiritual reflection and this was the only thing that stayed on my mind longer than the others. I hope that writing and reflecting on this helps me cultivate wholeness and a sense or awareness of self that will help me be better, both for me and in my vocation.

I think about the many emotions that I experience as I go through a day and I think my body is just amazing by still holding itself up. I think about navigating spaces as a black African* student with an accent and how different people…

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Believe….in YOU

Bunmi's Space

You are god.

Broken and beautiful,

Heart out, reaching for praise

Seeking worship and asking to be adored,

But you are forgotten, ignored by the life that you feed all ages.

You are god.
Creature and creating,

The hopeless and the rejected are your clay,

Life and invention is in chaos, wrecks and shard,

But your wounds are reopened by their acerbic edges.

You are god.
Determined and deciding,

Giver of second and extra chances,

Silently willing them to choose abundance, the world,

But you are left with doors unopened and untested paths.

You are god.

Escaping and embracing,

Love defines you, it is who you are,

The sea, the wind, all depth and vastness, far reaching too,

But your strength espouses your weakness, it is who you are.

You are god.
Filled and fulfilling,

Clear visions and prophetic pronouncements

You know the end from the beginning, you are perfect,

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Highly Sensitive People’s Guide to Effectively Managing Conflict

Made me laugh and taught me a couple of things. Plus, Victoria writes really well. Follow her blog and thank me later. 🙂

🌹Victoria's Bubble

Image result for conflict clip art

It’s no coincidence that many writers are highly sensitive people (HSP).

They are typically creative, empathic and highly intuitive. It is therefore no surprise that writing comes easy to HSP’s; it is the safest channel to freely express themselves without the fear of direct confrontation.

In general, HSPs are more aware of and affected by external stimuli than non-HSPs. They are often empaths, meaning they possess a keen ability to sense others’ feelings, needs, and insecurities. HSPs have rich inner worlds and, as a result, tend to internalise things more deeply : from social interactions to physical, to emotional and visual sensations.

The downside to this is that HSPs can easily become overwhelmed. Criticism can be hard to swallow, as not everyone communicates with the same thoughtfulness as HSPs.

Because high sensitivity is widely misunderstood, the behavior of HSPs can frustrate others. Being highly sensitive doesn’t make a person weak, but…

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FICTION | WHAT LIES BEHIND FACES by Su’eddie Vershima Agema

A tale for Christmas.

Merry Christmas guys.


A news article discusses current or recent news of either general interest (i.e. daily newspapers) or of a specific topic (i.e. political or trade news magazines, club newsletters, or te


A Christmas Tale

“Move!” came the single shout of the Captain, Chris. It lacked the bark of an order, though the loudness indicated it was directed at the men. It registered to a few as a word of encouragement. Minions repeated it automatically through cracked lips that had long defeated every form of moistening. Chris sighed. Her once bright coloured hazel eyes were now reddish, packed with dust and sleeplessness. Her thin shapely frame belied the matron who two years previously had been fully stocked. She had her weather coloured brown hair closely cropped to her skull. Her once glistening fair skin was now a shade of chocolate patched with dust and a few scars. It was the same with a lot of the other soldiers whose clothes hung on them like rags on hangars.

Days without activity, food or water had long left the…

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Open Letter to an Ex

A lovely piece of strength I read from a strong lady; she’s at Booky Glover. May everyday be kind for us all. Hugs and blessings…


When I came back from my three months break I wrote a post about howblessed I am and happy. I promised to share some of my experiences and this is the first one I’ll share.

My ex came back! For what?

Read on and enjoy!


Dear Ex,

It’s been a year and three months we separated and decided to be apart since we couldn’t work out. Out of the blues, you came back asking to get back into my life because you are now a changed person and all the things that made us fight, all the anger you had in your system is gone. Now you are refined, a better person than you used to be. You came back to tell me how much you still love me and all the girls you’ve dated after me do not “cut it.” Even after all this time, you…

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By Grace Through Faith…

Because I believe in grace, and know that faith is key, even when I feel like I don’t have enough. Thanks V. O. L.

🌹Victoria's Bubble

Image result for faith

In all honesty, my relationship with God hasn’t always been the strongest. In fact, I’d be lying if I was to say that I pray every single day, or that I attend church every Sunday. However, one thing that I have and have always had is ‘faith’.

Faith keeps me going. Faith to me evokes hope, light at the end of the tunnel – The promise of a better tomorrow. I often look to the future with confidence because I know God’s got me.

But what is faith?” you may ask. Faith is to have complete trust, assurance and confidence in God (For those who aren’t religious, faith is the confidence or trust in a person or an entity). With most things, I try to keep a positive mind (emphasis on the word ‘try’  because…. yeah lol). By approaching things and situations with confidence and…

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