THE ROAD NOT TAKEN (A Poem) by Robert Frost [with analysis]

11 thoughts on “THE ROAD NOT TAKEN (A Poem) by Robert Frost [with analysis]”

  1. Wow! This analysis though….banging! Well done Victor, you did great justice to this, it more than makes too much sense! LOL

    I guess in life, and due to our limitations as humans, we’ll always tend to wonder ’bout a foregone choice we failed to make, or made; at the expense of another! There’s always that possibility of raging and waging emotions! And for all we know, the choice we did end up making and sticking with; may have been the absolute bestest, we ever did make! But, we mortals are almost impossible to please! Roving eyes and the ability to be covetous, is almost, always our downfall! And we’d never stop wondering ’bout our choices till we cease breathing and existing! *laughing*

    Thanks for this guys, got my thought process going into an over-active overdrive! You can just tell Su’eddie can’t you?! Kudos! LMAO!


    1. Thanks for reading Yemie. One of the things I hate not knowing is how a course of action would have turned out if I had followed through. It makes me do silly things sometimes; many times. But just knowing how it turned out, no matter how disastrous, makes me feel cool. Sadly, we can never always attempt all options, mere mortals that we are…

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      1. Hehehehe! Checkmate Victor! You’ve pretty much just summarized everything with ’em lines! The next best thing will therefore be to move on in the course we do decide to take, not look back like the infamous Lot’s wife, otherwise we be turned to salt; and quit worrying ’bout things we cannot fix! And no matter how bad a situation we find ourselves by way of the choices we make, we gotta make the best outta ’em and plain forget ’bout ‘what might have been’, or ‘had I known’ cause truth be told, we know not and will perhaps NEVER know, not unless we towed that path! So then, what the hay, in the grand scheme of things?! What’s the big idea?! LMAO!

        Keep keeping on Victor, kudos! LOL

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        1. True… I have had a lot of times and situations when I had to follow roads I might never have thought of… You know, you plan to be this, do this etc, then all of a sudden you find life taking you on a different journey. Life and its funny ways…

          I guess we then have to close our eyes to what lies behind… As they say, that’s why we have our eyes in front of us: so that we look forward… And yes, maybe once in a while, glance back for lessons but always, look ahead.

          ‘What the hay’ abi? Hee hee hee… Oh well. We live, we laugh.

          May life be kind.


        2. The message couldn’t be any clearer than that Su’eddie, you don gone hit the nail right at the center of the head! Bullseye! *laughing*

          Plus, in addition to living and laughing, we gotta also love and learn! There! Its all complete now and all will be well with the world, with our world! Phew! LOL

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      2. Sometimes…many times, it is cool not to know… Knowing can kill the fun! And what will life be without the fun?

        Sha, I feel you on the not knowing thing Victor… Walahi! We have some of those experiences.

        As long as we are here, we will live how we can…and pray, that life treats us kind, each day. Hmmm…


  2. Nice one…well broken down, good thoughts, cool flair…..I guess it is a bit difficult not to wonder what would have happened if we had taken another road on the Journey of life instead of the one we are presently on…however that in my opinion is like crying over spilt milk…If you have taken a particular road then plod on, grit your teeth and stay with it…make the best of it, enjoy the scenery, breath the air, groove on…


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