Closing the Integrity Gap: Between the Guardian UK and Chimamanda Adichie’s Essay

6 thoughts on “Closing the Integrity Gap: Between the Guardian UK and Chimamanda Adichie’s Essay”

  1. I’m not big on Chimamanda for no reason at all, but after reading that touching, very heartfelt essay she wrote on her nascent battles with depression, my heart literally melted! That lady’s a jewel, a literary goddess! She. Can.REALLY. Write! That masterpiece tugged at my heart strings in a way I never thought or dreamt possible, and I could just ‘see’ and feel her struggles! Bottomline, her ratings went wayyyy over the roof for me, in my book and I can only but conclude that she’s outta this world! Divine! *laughing*

    It beats me silly why that magnificent article was taken down! Whatever issues both parties are having; I hope they find a common ground and look at the bigger picture of how many others like her, will benefit from that write, knowing they aren’t alone in their struggles and learning to keep their hopes alive whilst drawing the much-needed strength for everyday life and living, managing their condition as best they can, staying alive; living and pretty much being happy in their own skins, just!

    Thanks for sharing Su’eddie, cheers! Lol


    1. I am a big fan of Chimamanda’s writing. At least, her long fiction. I like a story or two she has written but the novels… definitely! I read through the piece and yes, I was touched. Really moving piece and the way she writes… wow! Really lovely.

      I got caught on the issue of her piece when someone mentioned it on Facebook. I followed it and I have been smiling on the twists that have come since then. I read Juliet Kego’s piece on the Whole Women Network and her analysis of the whole situation was sweet! Then this follow-up…

      Depression is something that is really popular and near common to a lot of people. It is ‘depressing’ 🙂 that not enough people are talking about it. It can kill – and yes, it does. I think, at this time, of the actor Robin Williams. Who would have guessed what he was going through?

      Maybe we need far more of these discussions so that we can open up on our depression, on our grief, on what ails us… For when we share, many times, we let go. When we let go, we are free.

      I do pray the times will be kind on us.
      Thanks for your thoughts, Yemie. They always leave me writing long comments that might have been individual blog posts of their own 😉

      You are a charmer.


  2. Aw! A charmer? Me?! Why, thanks Su’eddie, I’ll bite and am presupposing that’s a compliment and there are no hidden clauses anywhere in there or is there?! *raised eyebrow* LOL

    Funny that you should mention funnyman Robin Williams! He was such a delightsome fella and I’d never have guessed it that he was battling depression! He did a fine job hiding under the veil of comedy that even his immediate family members were none the wiser he’d crossed over the edge, the threshold of gloom and darkness! That’s one great loss and the way he left was depressing in itself! Too sad!

    What’s it ’bout folks and lenghty comments?! Is there a law on WP that comments shouldn’t exceed a particular number of characters?! I’ve visited foreign blogs, and none gets crucified for reeling out their thoughts! On the contrary, they encourage you to belt out your thoughts and feelings! On the homefront however, its a different kettle of fish! Folks have a problem with it and I plain wonder….why?! Perhaps you know the answer to that one Su’eddie! Do you?! LMAO!


    1. Hidden clause… Of course, there’s always a hidden clause somewhere but why spoil the fun and take away the joys of it all… Mwahahahaahaha!

      About the comments… Yeah, I wonder what it is about us and our whole shakara with not having long blog comments o! [I myself I am one of them! Hee hee hee] Over here, I think we have a lot of stuff to do online and we don’t want to waste our time talking with our fingers… Like, where on earth has our mouth gone to that we will punish our fingers so…

      Esqueeze me pliiiz! 🙂 [*Jennifer tone]

      So, yup, I guess that’s the reason why.
      Did you follow Robin Williams’ death magana on the web when he passed? I did, a bit. He was a wonderful actor and I totally loved him on-screen. We learnt that even funny men don’t always have humored lives. He sure did not die in a funny way… Yup, you got that right sis… You sure did. May Aondo give him peace wherever he is.

      I think we should share more on such things and be open. It will give people room to express and perhaps save far more lives. We almost all have our issues – did I mention that somewhere? Sometimes it gets too bad and quite strangling… We feel as if the depression will choke us… Yet, we can’t talk… God save us! Aondo! Save us.


      1. Funny men don’t have homored lives! That’s deep Su’eddie, very! That’s like saying a doctor or healer cannot heal himself or better still, a candle that gives light and glow to all else, is incapable of illuminating the most important of places it oughta….its own base! That’s some grim, very sad discovery! At the end of the day, no man’s an island and a problem shared is half solved! If only we can just get past keeping muted silence and scream it from the rooftops, to whoever cares to listen that we’re drowning and are in dire need of help! No one should die in silence! That’s not even an option!

        And ’bout that hidden clause…very funny like Bwahahahaha! You’re pretty much ‘esqueezed! Pillliz! *rme* LMAO!


        1. *Sigh… Do you know the poem of Richard Cory? Read it… Really touching poem. But I think it defines most of these things especially as pertains how we view people and our celebrities. We think everyone is happy and so, we envy them but there is the clause of the sigh that lies deep in each of them…

          I pray we get the mouth o…just as you said. Plenty things are here to live for, so why ignore and just pass on?



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