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A nice one here… Enjoy!

A Writer's Lair

In that realm between dreamland and reality

Your face hovers and lingers;


You are the first thought that greet me as I open my eyes

To a brand new day, one where I get to live without you;


You stick to my side all day, closer than my shadow

More intimate than my beating heart;


You are present in every cell,

And color every thought;


I pine for you all day, but you never really leave

And at night, I long for you;


You have become a part of me,

Living and breathing in me;


Everyone else is excluded,

It is you and I that defines ‘Us’;


But we don’t exist, not in the sense of the word,

And yet none else can become ‘Us’;


You came and filled me up

Made me whole;


And branded me,

Made me yours forever;

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