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(inspired by Agatha Aduro)


The elephants march

Blowing the trumpets of one who sang their song

We echo the blasts in something that went wrong

The East blasts the West: the cry is for a patriarch


Today my girl sings your praise

I join as we our voices raise

More bullets will fly

But we pray we find the grace not to sigh


Or cry more to the death of ours

While we tick the hours

Of hearts beating in frenzied dance to maniac drums

Wielded and played to by psychotic bums!


Here we are

Praying for you, our departed star

Greet Chinuamologu and shine on us all

Kofi, your sl..p was never a fall.



In loving memory

Kofi Awoonor (1935-2013 - on)
Kofi Awoonor (1935-2013 – on)


Some all-rounded writer with the wits to turn anything and everything to words with inspiration... cheering to glory and on...

9 thoughts on “THE ELEPHANTS MARCH

  1. It’s so sad he had to die this way… Cruel, cruel world. I feel the pains very deep in my heart.


  2. Eventhough death snatched him away from us, Kofi Awoonor still lives through his litrar works. Good night Prof.


    1. More than those literary works, he lives in the inspiration he was and his several footsteps here and there. Thanks for sharing Yua. May our Kofi rest in peace…


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