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I really can’t remember what inspired this poem but I was looking for something fresh to post today and I found. The poem – if I can call it that- as I recall back then was just a pouring of my spirit to paper. It speaks to me now as it came back then. Reading it a lot later, now, I am surprised at the rhymes and all. I would leave it raw without any change or edit. I only hope that in our time of deepest needs, the heavens would meet us and bring us to far better. Amen…



I am scared Lord…

Life… this life is odd

I am scared Lord

There’s trouble at every turn

Hold me Lord

Don’t let me burn

Raise me above and through this time

I know you can take me through. I look around and things just don’t go my way.

I have lost my say.

I have lost my way.

Now, therefore, I am here, on my knees to pray

Asking that your grace

Leads me from this place

To wherever you want me to follow

Your path where I would be free from every sorrow…








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10 thoughts on “SAVE ME LORD

  1. The poem seems to be a prayer before a major task when one is bugged down with doubts. A nice one there.


    1. Hmmm… Well, true. Looking at it seems to me like something else… an uneasing. But well, we all have our eyes looking at things which way we would…
      Any other thought?


  2. Yes…show me one person who doesn’t lose their way on this journey, (through life.) I’m pretty sure we all need His guidance.
    Prayerfully I ask for His guidance daily. Losing my way seems to be a regular feature of life.
    My compliments on the poem. *smile*


    1. Yup! That is sure right. There’s this part of a prayer we say often that ‘when we lose God we get lost in the vast desert of life’ or something of the like. Hmmm. Shouldn’t we be grateful for grace? Thanks for the compliments, very much. Means much to me. cheers!


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