So, there are these cool friends of mine, Yemie, Dr. Swag, Zika, etc etc who think me the critic (wrongly) and one day, one of them took me up on a challenge to a small poelogue… It is something like a duel, methinks… But so far, we are testing ourselves with respect but I talk too much… Here we go.

The Critic by Zika Olofin

You judge the merit of our art
You never fail to play your part
For that’s the nature of your art
Not so much of an eyelid bat

Dissect as with a fine-tooth comb
Analyse in minute detail
Scrutinise motives real or not
Dismember each thought that’s expressed

You are of essence that is sure
If you’re not there we’re still uncooked
Our work leaves your refining pot
Then by the world to be embraced

And my reply…

The Commenter by SVA

Names they have called for so long
They have seen me in lights all wrong

I am me, small talker commenting
Dropping thoughts, ranting
At other times tormenting
Getting thee, bloggers, panting

But…forgive when I am cryptic
Or sound like a critic
I am simply just me, small tormenter
Your one and only friendly commenter.



      • Not A Bad Vocation

        Yes I believe, or so do I?😏
        When you claim I have read you wrong
        What more am I than mere mortal
        That sees with two bare, simple eyes

        So here’s my hand, my olive branch
        I mean no harm, no injury
        Twas all for ca-ma-ra-de-rie
        And yes, for Swag my all time pal

        But then still, there is this third eye
        Sixth sense that just won’t let me be
        You really are a critic and
        That’s not a bad vocation too😂

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        • A name is more than a name
          appellations quite all the same
          I fear that this critic-name game
          that you force upon my being
          is one which we both know, is sin…

          For you lie when a mere mortal
          is given the crown of immortal
          a critic stands on the pedestal great
          while I this commenter can only wait
          to state an open heart
          on varying works of art…

          Zika, dare thee say some other word
          else you face my literary sword


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        • Ah! There he goes, he calls it sin
          If truth be sin, I’ll tell it all
          The sinner’s wage, will then be mine
          Save in this case, my trophy’s grand

          Pray tell, brethren, if thou art not
          The critic that’s my litmus test
          What then art thou, dear master Su?
          Dear Gamaliel, do me no wrong!

          If, dare you say, ” a commenter”
          You do indeed lie just like me
          Commenter, critic, either one
          These two are neighbours, synonyms

          Prepare then, our reward awaits
          But wait, poor us, what shall it be?
          The sinner’s wage, worth it, must be
          I’ll have it not another way

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        • After the distance of time stretched
          I find my way back, to have my reply etched
          In words to fully capture thoughts to show
          Stuff that can make whole…

          (Make sense and stop the nonsense!)

          The commenting ink never becomes the critic
          The critic being the constant tormenter
          Neighbours they might be
          But there’s a huge difference for all to see

          As time flies and thoughts drop
          One is more likely to flop
          The critic who knows it all
          Never ready to play ball

          Our verse can go on to forever
          But maybe I should pause
          Ensure that I no longer our conversation sever
          – for better…or for worse 🙂

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