MOVING (A Children’s Short Story) by Su’eddie Vershima Agema

10 thoughts on “MOVING (A Children’s Short Story) by Su’eddie Vershima Agema”

  1. Nostalgic for me Su’ , reminds me of back in the days of long bothersome journeys from Lagos to the east. Perhaps the pregnant Mercedes did break wind ,after all the overload of both human and non,lol. You captured the roving mind of a preteen boy and the real essence of a loving family 🙂


    1. Wow! Isn’t the breaking of the wind the fun part of it all? Pheeeeun! But inyama!! To even think of it 🙂 Thanks for the compliment Dotta! One of those things. We have to keep moving every time and that, maybe was only a first movement.


  2. a family journey, in a family car not minding the discomfort was always interesting.i know these because i travelled a lot with my family in my dads car from Kano to Enugu and then my dad followed the old road,and he always wanted us to stop at busabugi, Jos and at Makurdi,making it almost a three days was fun. thanks for bringing back those memories.


    1. Really? I really would love to read something close to a real portrayal of that journey. Some day perhaps you can write a memoir and let us all know what it was like, ja?

      But all in all, Family is family o! Somehow we just go on those journeys with everything else…

      Thanks for sharing too, Euphemia. Means much.


  3. Hi,

    Reminds me of family trips from Lagos to Abeokuta or Ibadan. The car was just as crowded with food and kids and the spaces just as uncomfortable. we slept most of the way too. Good reads are those which stir up memories and emotions. It was a good read, though unfinished.

    So, i finally dropped in. I’m sure youll be checking on me as well. please do not mind my half hearted attempt at blogging. hope to get some tips from you soon.



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