SKELETONS (A Poem) by S. V. Agema

We are skeletons trapped in a pot of time Life is the fire boiling us The seasons picking our flesh Vultures take forks, smiling Waiting as they hover We are skeletons waiting We soon lose our flesh and become our true selves.       Continue reading SKELETONS (A Poem) by S. V. Agema


It isn’t always one wakes up in Oxford or to a day when you would attend Kwame Dawes’s poetry workshop. But that was the case on this fine Saturday, 1st December, 2018. The clouds were gloomy but that was the least of my concerns. I had spent the night in the town after coming in from Brighton the previous day. Kwame had had a reading, followed by a showcase of the African Poetry Book Fund books. It was fun but that is story for another day.


Unalloyed and Revitalizing: Thoughts on Amina Aboje’s ‘Promises on Sand’

 Title:   Promises on Sand  Author:   Amina Aboje  Publisher:   Kraft Books  Year of Publication:   2017  Number of Pages:   87  Category:   Poetry  Reviewer:   Paul Sawa Although I write the occasional poem, I do not see myself as a poet. Avid reader that I am, however, I consider myself … Continue reading Unalloyed and Revitalizing: Thoughts on Amina Aboje’s ‘Promises on Sand’

The Definition of Hope

Poetry is hope; hope is life; something beautiful. If you would listen, it is a promise. If you would listen, quietly and get those codes that gently unveil themselves to us like dawn unfolds to day; like the caterpillar to a butterfly. It is the look of waters – on a cloudy night; wait a … Continue reading The Definition of Hope