BORNO (A Poem) by Mujahyd Ameen Lilo

12 thoughts on “BORNO (A Poem) by Mujahyd Ameen Lilo”

  1. Mujahyd is a voracious reader. His earnest magnanimousness has condensed him into an excellent, dexterous writer, by all means as he continue drinking from the seasoned writers; he shall mount to the peak soonest.


  2. For a long time. This poem written by Mujahid Ameen has beat my expectations. The piece is outstanding.


  3. Mujahid Lilo’s ‘Borno’ is a clear indication that the young, aspiring poet has moved on from been a versifier to a prospective poet with a lot of bright makings in the future. He has wittingly painted a picture of how the north western Nigeria is deprived of its peace despite the abundance of both human and natural resources found in the enclave… Continue the good work boy!


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