1. This is interesting, certainly food for thought. In simpler forms: What would you define as being a ‘writer’? And I guess you’d class yourself as one? Does a writer have to evoke their thoughts and theories as eloquently as you just have?

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    1. Oh well, maybe not. There are different types of writers, no?

      No, for the sake of this conversation let me hide behind the ‘No, I would not class myself as one’… 🙂

      In the professional circles, particularly in Nigeria, writers are largely meant to have a cause which they work towards. It is like what Chinua Achebe would say: art for art’s sake is like deodorised dog shit or so.

      That said, I believe that whether we know it or not, many times in our writings we project something which many times we might – or might not – even know exist. See you for instance…. There are so many things that one can get from reading even few lines of yours. A writer worth the person’s salt always leaves something in your mind.


      1. I’d categorise you as a writer. You’re definitely far too modest. I was just particularly interested on your definition of a writer is all 😊

        Ahh yes you’re right about that. But then again, someone who writes is often times trying to get a specific point across no? And thank you.

        From reading your writing I can definitely tell you’re into literature, the English language, poetry etc. I mean your credentials speak for themselves

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        1. Yup, many times writers try to get specific points across… But some are just so good and pass so many messages, you just wonder ‘How on earth?’
          When I see the hardwork a lot of people put into their work, I am just humbled. Like, a friend just published a novel he had been working on for ten years! The title is ‘The Extinction of Menai’ … You should see if you can get it. I can assure you that it will be worth your while.

          Yeah, I am into literature and writing in all forms! You should be able to tell, I am a big fan of your blog and your writings. Also into development writing… What kind of writings get your attention? And what are you studying in school? Did I miss that on your blog? (*covers face)

          Happy Sunday.

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  2. Su’eddieeeee!
    Its so good to see you again! Man, I’ve been gone long sha. Even missed wishing you happy birthmonth and celebrating with you.

    But don’t worry, I’m back. Honestly, its good to see you.


    1. See this one! Where did you run to? Where have you been? How many years ago did anybody see you last? Subman! What happened to your blog sef?

      C’mon! Where are you and what have you been up to?

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