Life is one big contradiction in every field but it is more so when you are a writer—or so I think. You think you are there, you think you have the right words. You are in the moment and you bask as Mother Muse slowly pours herself unto your pages through the medium of creativity.

Depending on the time, you push yourself to the end or just rush it to a stop. Finally, you smile at seeming perfection. Ah! For the conscious writer, something pricks you to note that the work might have flaws here and there. So, you might decide to get editors or throw the work away. If you get the right editors, your headache begins. Have you ever noticed how those folks always seem to find faults here or there? Some of the faults are so obvious you have to hit yourself in the head! Ouch! How could you have missed that? This is the beauty of patience and seeking counsel. (Yes, if you miss the editorial seat, you might miss a lot of good stuff that might have made your work better.)

Anyway, you do your rewrite and maybe feel the work is okay… Or you keep editing till you tire out. I have been known on occasion to keep editing right up to the door of the final proofer and printer doors! Anyway, finally, you push the work out, hoping that someone will like it somehow and it will be the ticket to giving you something good. Some of us, and I am a front man in this group, edit and refine our work tying as many screws as possible.

In most cases, you get your work or book published and the feeling, for most, is indescribable. It is like a baby given to a parent. The looks of wonder at the new you is something the adjectives of the universe will not dare present. You hold that book close… Yes, I know there are a few who would look at their own book with bad eyes especially if it didn’t come out the way they like. Talk of all those parents who discover that their children are disfigured or not of the sex they want! But no, we are not talking of those sorts of parents. We are talking of the proud ones and yes, I didn’t derail. We are still talking about books.

It is easy to find authors who pick their published books and see things they wish could have been done or written differently. Many times have authors been caught reading what they hoped they might have put. Some would take a pen and correct a few lines shortly before reading at a festival or something. Sometimes you begin to see things that might best have been removed or something that might have been added for effect. It gets to the case of seeing your grown child not being the perfect baby you had once viewed. The hope is that with the next book, you will take extra precaution and have your heart more expressed.

Usually, the ideal thing that most writers come to discover is that a work is best left to fallow for three months or maybe a year… just enough time for you to have become a stranger so that you will edit your work through fresh eyes since looking at the same thing over slowly makes it seem perfect. But time is not on the side of anyone and how long can one really take? The changes and all might never be enough and we usually have to just halt. Much like what poet and scholar, Hyginus Ekwuazi says echoing older writers of yore, no true work of art has ever been truly completed. You simply have to get the maturity to let it go, and pray that point was a time worth your imperfection.

So much to writing, so much to reading. Oh well. In the end, who knows what I might want to edit from this piece… I will be mature and let it fly. Wherever your writing and reading takes you this weekend, and in the coming week, make it worth the time. Cheers!


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16 thoughts on “RISE, LIVE TO YOUR WRITE!

  1. Love it love it love! I can’t express how excited I get when I see your name on my reader. This hit the nail 😩 I don’t class myself as a writer, but I love to write and I can completely relate with the whole constant editing to try and get it to perfection. This was written beautifully.. it read like silk. You have such a classy way with words – thoroughly enjoyed this.

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    1. Hiya! Happy New Year – in this place, we have a way of always shouting that, ‘Happy Sunday’ ‘Happy New Day’ ‘Happy New Comment!’ 🙂 Hiya… Been a while. How are you? And you wouldn’t believe it if I say, you are one my favourite WordPress persons. No flattery there…

      Don’t you remember that we once had a semi-long chat on one of your blog posts on the editing to perfection thing? Haha! When I read that piece of yours, I was like – Yaaaaay! Kindred! :_

      Thanks for the big-ups on the piece. . . and don’t worry, I wouldn’t blush – well, not too much. 🙂

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        1. And there I was, thinking somehow that by some strange fate, you would be sleeping 🙂 How we judge others by our clock is what marvels me. What time is it where you are?

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        2. I just noticed… University of Birmingham, you said, right? That’s nice. Well, I usually set out doing my blogging and all at these odd times. I wonder why… Oh, yeah, day is usually too noisy. This time just helps. I put my creative juices together at times like this when TVs are dead and people are sleeping away.


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        3. You don’t know how you inspire, Victoria. You have so much energy and passion. Glad you are out there. I pray God’s grace keeps you up and going everyday. 🙂

          Let’s see what owling will help us do… There’s just so much to do. I’m losing my writing spirit too… Wondering if I can even work on a book… #Sigh

          Well. It seems to be night already… May the night smile for you and dawn rise you to fare more greatness.

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  2. Well done sir. Your write up really makes sense. I will put your advice into my writing. I have a poem and I will like you to edit it for me.

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    1. Hmmm, I don’t know much about editing poetry o. That’s a tough one but send what you have to and let’s see where we go from there. Possibly send the poem and your phone number

      Well done Hassan. And thanks for dropping by.


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