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By Grace Through Faith…

Because I believe in grace, and know that faith is key, even when I feel like I don’t have enough. Thanks V. O. L.

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In all honesty, my relationship with God hasn’t always been the strongest. In fact, I’d be lying if I was to say that I pray every single day, or that I attend church every Sunday. However, one thing that I have and have always had is ‘faith’.

Faith keeps me going. Faith to me evokes hope, light at the end of the tunnel – The promise of a better tomorrow. I often look to the future with confidence because I know God’s got me.

But what is faith?” you may ask. Faith is to have complete trust, assurance and confidence in God (For those who aren’t religious, faith is the confidence or trust in a person or an entity). With most things, I try to keep a positive mind (emphasis on the word ‘try’  because…. yeah lol). By approaching things and situations with confidence and…

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2 thoughts on “By Grace Through Faith…

  1. Faith…
    Everyone believes in something, and therefore has faith but as ever each holds their own focus of belief
    My faith is split between many things and a degree does lie in god, but I am way too jaded not to have a few backups when that avenue feels like a dead end

    Faith is commonly associated with a set of beliefs, hiding thinly veiled moral and ethical codes to guide us through life in a clean and honest way, without which we are but animals in a cosmic game of chance, with the ‘survival of the fittest’ our only guide. Faith is born of many things, faith in yourself, others, a ship or even a dream, but whatever your source faith has many forms.

    Another way of putting it is trust, as like faith it is an intangible thing that binds us together and without it many things would not be possible, like justice, respect, order and the recognition of chaos.”

    An extract from a deep forgotten place

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    1. Hmmm, this is really deep and gives much to chew on. The thin line between religion, beliefs and everything else, right? We live as we will, hoping and believing that somehow our beliefs will keep us safe. Intellect is amazing and helps us dissect but many times, we find strength when we let go and just hold on to what we don’t know.


      We will always have those different things we throw our trust to. I only hope that it will be worth it for us all in the end.

      Thanks Humble Shadow 🙂

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