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From Valentine… A post to be shared and downloaded. Cheers!

Sevhage Reviews

Happy Valentine everyone – did you miss us? Hopefully, not too much. We are back again with our SEVHAGE chapbook series (if you missed our fascinating debut from Agatha Aduro, please correct the error by clicking THE ENCHANTING CHAPBOOK – Agatha Aduro.

For today, we present to you, Ehi Zogie’s Mount Orgasm, a collection that analyses one of the most fascinating things most of us think of, sex. You can get the work by clicking mount-orgasm-ehi-zogie. In many ways, this work can be looked at from several angles; particularly as a satire or celebration of sex. Indeed, there is always something to take from every work of art… What do you see here?

What will I be doing today? First like always, loving my Belle and celebrating humanity, divinity and all of us. I think love is really big and is an umbrella that should be…

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