Sughur-shater-aondo-kwa-hemba-uga (a poem by Sibbyl Whyte)

(put your trust in Aondo and nothing would ever surpass you…

for Su’eddie Vershima Agema on the 20th…)


So the day breaks into a new year,

Usually it’s a cock, but today, lots of texts.
Greetings from loved ones to you
Happy birthday, t’is the refrain they chant.
Unruly greys will begin to show,
Reassuringly, they can be dyed.

Sedulous scribbles from Sibbyl to Su.
Hoping to put a smile in your heart.
Almost like I have known you for ages
That is not meant to be laughed at, Mister!
Even so, feel free to blush.
Rarely do we find one with such sunny disposition.
Always, a smile could be heard,
Over the phone, spreading cheer through the lines.
Never one to be stuck on something sad.

Designed by Aondo, you’s an awesome package.
Oh! We shall ne’er forget mother;
Keeper of this babe for nine,
Wherefore, she birthed, and gave you to us.

Ardent lover of literature.
Hopefully we wait to read what books you write .
Even so, I am sure you wouldn’t brag.
Meekness; you shall inherit the earth for sure.

Bearing gifts people come to you,
As they once did for Him,
Understandably, they are not the Magi.
Go with God, a prayer we all say for you.
At last, each letter of your name counts.



Happy Birthday Sibbyl Whyte and may Aondo bless you for everyday. Cheers!




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