OUR NIGHTS NEED MORE STARS (A Poem) by Benjamin Elemide
(for Su’eddie Vershima Agema)

our nights need more stars
to brighten hope for tomorrow
our galaxy devoid of constellations
that keeps eyes glued to miracles

i saw you birth stars into words
to keep us smiling like morning sun
i saw you weave history in your footprints
for posterity to learn wisdom from you

when you find yourself in the sky
don’t forget to write yourself with clouds…



Long ago, I learnt from someone that commitment and love go far beyond words. Today, I found that love in many ways.

I had put off notifications on Facebook so I was sure that I would not have too many people disturbing my peace. Still, calls came in from different sources and I learnt that there are other social media channels that will still make public announcements! Friends and family threw words at different moments that left me smiling. What more can I say?

I got to also tick off several items on my TO DO list.

I have picked a lot of lessons today. Everyone has problems and issues, activities, interests and other people too that they have to cater to. Give space. As long as you have grace, Aondo’s goodness, accept the love that will come your way from a myriad of sources without expecting much. Also, always make time to think and pray. Especially for your significant other (always), those you love and everyone else who matters. In all seasons, no matter how you feel.


Special thanks to those who took out to reach out, especially those who took time off important schedules to write notes, say prayers and be with me. I am deeply honoured. No gifts can replace the time and affection. That’s what counts the most to me.

Thank you.

SEVHAGE CEO, Sueddie Agema



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