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Will We Hear Tomorrow (A Poem) by Muhibb Aslu

Those who hear not
The sermon from graves
Should eavesdrop on Jawara’s
I hear a giggle-like roar
Unheard by salivating cats
Seated before a heavy lizard

Those who see not the womb
Of the ever heavy crystal ball
Should flip through Yesterday
They would hear songs
That make vegetables dance

There are tales in the atmosphere
Buried by the glaucoma
On eyeballs dressed in a lie

But mad is the dancer
To songs unsung

Dry is the moisture of a soliloquy
For we are dumb screamers

Will we hear tomorrow



*Muhibb Aslu, philosopher and poet, lives and writes from Minna, Niger State, NIGERIA



Some all-rounded writer with the wits to turn anything and everything to words with inspiration... cheering to glory and on...

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