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Different dawns come upon us and the sun we see today, though the same that appears tomorrow is different in many ways – maybe in intensity, or just in the manner it sends its rays upon us. It is the same thing with affections, emotions and a whole lot more. Today, well, yesterday was a funny day. I got to remember much about family, and lost ones. It started with a movie, Lukewarm. The sub-plot was about a father-son relationship. It took me on a long journey; life.

Later, as the day wore on, as I walked the road with a friend and got to meet with family, and talk to other friends in different areas who needed a little help or the other, I got to realise that a lot of people are going through so much pain. So much pain, that we often do not note. It has been a learning period for me, these past weeks. I have learnt and am still learning much about friendship, about family and being grateful. Also about God who is always there for us too and Jesus. There’s always much to be grateful for. Always.

But back to this night, I watched a certain series about some girls who stood for their friend when a teacher tried to victimise her over grades (sex for grades). At the risk of going to jail, these three friends stood up for their friends. I was deeply touched, and I had to wonder what was wrong with me as I felt some tears.

Many times, even when you cannot give the specific help needed to aid a person out of pain, give an attentive ear, letting go of that seemingly important thing that you think you might have to do. Being there and saying the right word, just might be all it takes. Sometimes, even without those words, just being there, really being there… It takes a lot for some people to tell you their tales, and if you are privileged – for it is a deep one – please, be there.

Who knows where our tales will end – or how? You can be a hero and shine a light out of someone’s darkness…

On whatever roads life takes you this day, and even in the days ahead, I pray the roads will be safe, and that you will always have God’s grace to lead you, peace in your heart, then joy. And a friend.

Good morning.



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