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Karen Jennings, Kubuitsile, TJ Benson, Tochukwu Okafor, others make 2016 Short Story Day Africa Prize Long List (Announced)

The Short Story Day Africa Prize (worth R10,000) is one of Africa’s prominent short story awards. It is pan-African and is theme-based. The theme for this year’s competition was ‘Migrations’. The 2016 long list includes the talented and award winning writers, the South African Karen Jennings, the Botswanan Lauri Kubuistile, the Nigerians TJ Benson (in whom we are well pleased) and Tochukwu Okafor, among other cool writers.

According to the competition’s site,

the long list deliberations were difficult. There were several stories we struggled to let go. At one stage, there was talk of extending the anthology to include these stories, but in the end we figured we have to draw a line somewhere. Instead we gave these writers a special mention. It is our hope that their stories go on to find deserving homes in other publications.

The Migrations Long List

  1. Aba Asibon (Ghana)
  2. Anne Moraa (Kenya)
  3. Arja Salafranca  (South Africa)
  4. Blaize Kaye (South Africa)
  5. Edwin Okolo (Nigeria)
  6. Francis Aubee (The Gambia)
  7. Fred Khumalo (South Africa)
  8. Gamu Chamisa (Zimbabwe)
  9. Gratitude Fisher (South Africa)
  10. Idza L (Kenya)
  11. Karen Jennings (South Africa)
  12. Lauri Kubuitsile (Botswana)
  13. Mirette Bahgat Eskaros (Egypt)
  14. Mignotte Mekuria (Ethiopia)
  15. Mary Ononokpono (Nigeria/UK)
  16. Megan Ross (South Africa)
  17. Nyarsipi Odeph (Kenya)
  18. Okafor Tochukwu (Nigeria)
  19. Stacy Hardy (South Africa)
  20. TJ Benson (Nigeria)
  21. Umar Turaki (Nigeria)

Special Mentions

  1. Caleb Somtochukwu Okereke (Nigeria)
  2. Dzekashu MacViban (Cameroon)
  3. Helen Walne (South Africa)
  4. Kathryn White (South Africa)
  5. Liam Kruger (South Africa)
  6. Linda Daniels (South Africa)
  7. Pamela Zintatu Ntshanga (South Africa)
  8. ZP Dala (South Africa)

This year, three writers were selected and awarded the SSDA/All About Writing Development Prize. These writers will each receive extensive tuition during a 20 Week Online Writing Course with All About Writing. The SSDA team believes that “with a little help, these writers can be the next big thing in #AfricanLit.”

With the long list announced, the journey to the short list starts with a journey of the list to the judging panel including established writers Sindiwe Magona, H.J. Golakai and Tendai Huchu as well as to the editors Efemia Chela and Bongani Kona who will edit the collection under the mentorship of Helen Moffett. The SSDA/Worldreader Editing Mentorship is sponsored by Worldreader. For more on the long list announcement and also other information on the Short Story Day Award, please visit their website HERE.

At SEVHAGE, we wish all of these cool guys especially our TJ Benson, Okafor Tochukwu, Umar Turaki, Mary Ononokpono and Edwin Okolo best of luck on this journey.

TJ Benson (left) and Su’eddie, the proud Big brother. Do I look like a dad here? 😉


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