1. You Sir, did rightly spin a whale of a tale here and in very few yet complete letterings too…WOW! 😎

    I love how each tale’s intertwined and inter-connected alongside the players…the characters! And the plot….atypical! Rat race, lack, poverty and hustles…the usual suspects! Scenarios like this makes me wanna go….hmmmn! 😩

    I’ve never been one to subscribe to the vice that’s mob action…jungle or street justice! Its just really wrong…dehumanising, to snuff life out of a fellow human being for whatever reason! Its not like the ones who issued out the pronouncement of death are themselves blameless, they just haven’t been caught…
    yet! 😌😑

    While I know that what’s right’s right and what’s wrong’s wrong; the picture you painted here’s kinda like the ‘right kind of wrong’! The victim’s intent was noble…his heart was in the right place as he was looking to save his dying mum! His only crime was going about things the wrong way! Again, desperate times does call for desperate measures and for all we know, stealing seemed the only ‘logical’ thing to do at the time! He may not have had the time to think things through! Saving his mum weighed heavy on his mind and time was of the essence! But through it all, he paid the ultimate price…a penalty too stiff and one that’d definitely see to it that his mum joins him on the other side, just before the ailment does her in! What a cruel fate! 😔

    If only he were handed over to the authorities…if only the irate mob stopped to think for a few minutes before dealing him fatal blows….if only we all were brought up to speed of this one single fact that ‘Every saint has a past, just as every sinner has a future’…we’d deal gently, act differently and a lot more wiser; in love and compassion towards one another! If only….

    Sad , thought-provoking tale told masterfully! Nice one Sagely One! Thumbs up Sir! 👍👍😄

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    1. How come I missed this one? Yemie! Na wa o! Whatever happened to my notifications! It would seem that this mail people don’t send stuff to my box any more. Hmmm. Na wa o! Lemme know where I will go and get to them so that they can get to do the right thing and ensure that I get everything right. Na wa o!

      Now, to this…

      You have succinctly captured everything in your commentary – which is even longer than the poem! I think there are so many things happening that can leave us crying away our souls if we were to think of them. But it is the tale of our streets and the increasing poverty as seen in the current times does not make it any better…

      One day perhaps we shall write sweeter poems that will no longer be of this gloom that portends our doom. Till then… Hmmm. No be small thing.

      Thank you for your insightful comment. You do know we learn from this? We do. And it always comes in as a really lovely addition when someone can pick your heart and reveal in more ways than you even thought at first…

      God keep you for us.

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