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The celebrated Guest Writer Session, organised by the Abuja Writers’ Forum, comes up today, the 30th of July, 2016 at the Aso Hall of Nanet Suites, Central Business District, Abuja. For small tips on previous sessions, click HERE.

Today’s session is themed around Nelson Mandela, whose day was celebrated earlier this month. Contemporary South African literature will be brought alive through talks, music, and other works of literature. But it doesn’t stop there… There will be four artistes to thrill; Kukogho Iruesiri Samson (KIS), Nwemneme Andy Chukwunonye, Margaret Hepworth and Dave Adzer.

The first is Kukogho Iruesiri Samson (a.k.a KIS), poet and literary promoter par excellence. He is the author of two books, What can words do? And I said these words. KIS is a multiple award winning poet and is the founder of Words Rhymes and Rhythm (WRR), an online poetry platform that has gained massive social media following. He is a social cause promoter and on days when he wants to, can be controversial – hee hee hee, yeah, anyone who knows him knows that. He has a passion for teaching and helping to promote the arts and social causes such as stopping rape.

The second guest for the July Edition of the Guest Writer Session is Nkemneme Andy Chukwunonye who is the author of Letter to Mandela. He is currently a Chief Research Fellow with the Institute and Conflict Resolution in Abuja. The poems in Hello Mandela, like that of the traditional African writer, are concerned with disillusionment and hope, injustice and the various challenges plus triumphs that are the lot of the African.

Margaret Hepworth is a teacher and educator who is the author of Clarity in Time, which features Mandela as a fictional character (she had to get permission from the Nelson Mandela Foundation in South Africa for this). Clarity in Time is a story of courage that is themed on a young Australian teacher who realises that there comes a time when one has to leave the side lines of life and become active, if any change is to come. Hepworth is a big fan of Nelson Mandela and more than just using him for fiction, she uses his story and words (usually paraphrased) to teach and encourage people about reconciliation, forgiveness and rising above set expectations of self.

To cool all off would be Dave Adzer, the cool soft voiced musician and guitarist who has been a thrill at several Guest Writer Sessions before. He would be on hand once more to be the melody to all the words. Yes, in addition, there will also be the usual raffle draw for free books amongst other cool happenings.

If you have any enquiries about the Abuja Writers’ Forum (AWF), the Guest Writer Session You can send AWF questions to Edith Yassin on 08051614969 or send a mail to, visit the AWF website at Other literary happenings in Abuja or the like? Come on, drop a note in the comment or send me a mail at Is this where I also announce that I am an editor for pay and publisher?  😉

Whatever you do, if you are in Abuja, ensure you make out time to come to the Guest Writer Session today, the 30th of July, 2016 at the Aso Hall of Nanet Suites, Central Business District, Abuja by 4:00pm. Bring friends… Spread the word!



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