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In the midst of so much, many times we forget. Quite a lot. Sometimes, we condition ourselves to do this. At other times, it is events that force this forgetfulness on us. For whatever reasons, many times, we change. We come across people at later points in our lives, who mean so much to us. Then, we try to recondition ourselves to meet these ones. We lose what we have built in trying to give to these ones…

ximage.jpg.pagespeed.ic.NVTGjEQwncOn this day, as many, we have to realise that we can never be enough, alone yet if we do need to be alone, then it helps to be so. There are dark periods in our lives when we would go wrong, and go wrong so long it would seem there’s no good to us. We are humans. The season comes. In such moments, you might also get into those crazy times when you miss anniversaries or remember them, then find out with pain, the implications of the forgetting and remembrance.

Still, life gives us choices, and even when it takes away, brings back much. If you look carefully enough, you would always find something beautiful to hold on to. And even in despair, when darkness forces you to forget… Believe. Then love, always love, and open your heart. The tears will come, when they will… But again, remember you can always recondition to be what you want. Smile. Through the tears. Smile.

Believe too… That the night passes, and the morning comes just like the celebration of a time when love said yes. Just like the time when a forebear passed. Just like the time whenheart a lovely child was born, smiling like the forebear many years after. Whatever side of the cup you decide to view is yours – half empty or half full. Be confused. Think. Be foolish, if you must. Hold on to love. Believe. Forget again or not… But again, just remember, always remember… There is life. There is beauty and there is today and tomorrow. Believe.


Happy Anniversary Belle.

Happy Anniversary Thaddeus V. A.

Happy Birthday Shima.




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  1. Aw! These lines…..sweetly conceived and put down! Exudes and gives off a real heartwarming feel too, and the message couldn’t be clearer! Plus that title…totally grabs! 😄Well done Good Sir! 👉😁

    HBD to the Celebrants! May your days be long, prosperous and fulfilling…over-filling…with all that you wish for yourselves! Have many more!🍸😁


    1. Happy Birthday to them all, and us all too! Thanks Yemz! Crazy week in my life and to think that so many other things are happening. Men! We guys need to get many more reminders and assistants. More, we need to let love beat faster such that when anniversaries hit, we will be thrilled enough to shout out the tidings… Making each year, and the components far better. Not so, sis?

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      1. Yes I agree Sagely One, truer words have neither been written or said! 😈😆

        And bout bday tidings…am big on those! Just the thought that someone was kind enough to spare us some thoughts…’heartfilling’! 😄Especially when we think the world of ’em! As little as a thought, always goes a long way! Makes the heart sing!😁

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