Tomorrow (A Short Story on Cancer) by Nana Sule

21 thoughts on “Tomorrow (A Short Story on Cancer) by Nana Sule”

      1. 😂😂😂😂😂…..who wouldn’t… You are so funny sweet always warm the cockles….would be a real pleasure to meet you someday….

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        1. Let’s plan na… Weya, send e-mail sharp sharp and let’s take over! 🙂
          No be small wine o! Red wine. But aren’t we? See you getting better with each passing day… Ah! Le Doc!


        1. Zika!!! Yaaaaay! I should have more of this kind of stories o! First, the Doc himself swaggered in and now we are zikafied! 🙂
          I am thinking of putting together some stories related around such people – as in Nana’s story here. They have some of the most compelling tales that we ignore. Sometimes these things help us become more focused and put our perspective right… Or wouldn’t you say?

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  1. Very sad and persuasive story. Each line weakened me the more. I can’t say if it’s the impossible love or her sickness or even the anxiety of an ending that can’t be happy got me in. The imagery also succeeded in putting me in the room peeping and eavesdropping on their secret moments. This is the second of Nana ‘ s short ones I’m reading, and I already can’t wait to see the next one you’ll write.

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    1. I think she did a good job of getting us there. She try wella… Hmmm, let us beg her to write another one for us jare! 🙂 Or what do you think?


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