A Poet in the Cold – Su’eddie Vershima Agema


Poets. Are crazy.

The rain is falling.

I have work to do and all that plays in my mind is the tap of the rain on my roof – tap, tap, tap. And the cold that sneaks into my body from my legs. Why wear a cardigan and have shorts on with slippers?

I stand to dance. I put on music of worship to accompany the rain. The cooked sound soon ends with the track.

Now, there’s an orchestra outside. Drops to the ground from the roof. Drops playing on the roof. The ground and other rain hits… Those hitting against other objects and the window… They play accompanied by a calm cold that holds…

I hear it all and embrace it with the silence, then smile forgetting everything that is the lot of the sentimental soul.



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8 thoughts on “A Poet in the Cold – Su’eddie Vershima Agema

  1. These poetic musings of yours totally had me laughing out so loud! ‘Of A Poet And The Falling Rain’ I’d say! 😁

    Nature’s decided to play its tune, and rather than to sway alongside to its beats you try to fight it off and play a different tune of your own! You very soon realize you’re grasping at straws and chasing winds as you get caught up and it dawns on you to give it up…give in to the dictates of Mother Nature in letting her have her way while you cut loose and go with the flow! Niceee! 😁

    Plus, what’s that whole business of throwing on a Cardigan atop Shorts to ward off the cold ’bout? 😯That’s pretty funny stuff Su’eddie, perhaps the weather got to you so much it decided to mess with your head and mind ei? Who does that?! 😂

    This is so finely reeled out Sir…as always; I throwey plenty salute! 😆 ‘Applaudise’! 👏👏👏

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    1. Hullo Yemie sis! How did I miss this? This is one long new post that I should have posted somewhere and laughed at… Ah! You zany sis of mine! I throway salute.
      This cold masef, e no get Part 2. As I type this, the rain still dey fall o. And now, it is seeping in but I know I have to complete getting back in thoughts to you before I go to hide my legs somewhere 🙂

      The weather sure has a way of thrilling us endlessly. If I could, I would go out now to enjoy the rain but … Ah, certain joys aren’t to be entertained for too long. Wait o, what do you do when it rains? Are you a rain person?

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      1. Though ‘Rain person’ sounds a tad chucklesome, I’d most definitely confess to being one! 😁

        Plus, what I love the most bout the rains in tropical Nigeria; (and this may give off some sorta ‘odd’ vibes but we all have our individual quirks don’t we now?) 😈😆; is gotta be this ‘Earth’ and yet Heavenly smell or shall I term it ‘scent’, that emanates at the advent of the early rains; and particularly those feather light rain showers that wet and blend seamlessly with the earth (dust) left of the dry season! There’s this natural scent of the Earth that’s given off! Oh! How I live to sniff a whiff of it; whenever the rains ’bout ready to come down! 🙈😂Its my absolute ‘bestest’ experience, second only to relishing the cold winds that characterizes the season with no heat or hot spell in sight! 😂 Told ya I was something of a ‘Weirdo’ didn’t I???😆😆😆

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        1. Wait, didn’t I mention it before? I must have! I love that smell, of the dusty earth kissed slowly by the showers. That first and early times before the rains take over and claim the seasons of the moment.

          There’s a name for that smell sef… Just that I can’t remember it at the moment. The smell is heavenly and sometimes I wonder why I haven’t slept with my nose to the ground on one of such occasions. Ah, the joys of everything. So, no, you aren’t a weirdo, your Yemieness… You are just okay. Quite okay, at least, in this regard.

          If we could only have more of such. Ah! You have brought memories! You have brought memories!

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  2. The first time I read this poem, I smiled. And then I read it again, smiled, and liked it. And today, I revisit it, read it again, follow the lines ever so intently– and I see myself between every line, in every word; a busy rowdy Saturday mind, a table full of waiting chores, a shivering cardigan-ed body, and most importantly, perhaps– my musing solemn eyes watching the sky. Watching the sky rent apart in its unfailing harmony; tapping relentlessly on everything that cares, and un-cares, because it can. I watch it, and I see something, many things that make my heart smile but my mind fails to fully understand. But I soon forget about the need to understand, which overwhelms me for a second or so, and join the divine party my smiling heart is hosting, and I abide at once with the rain’s harmony. And really smile. Because.

    Lovely poem Su’. ❤

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    1. Hey ya! Just like you to come and flow sweetly here… I saw your comment, and smiled. That was days back – but sadly, we are not always fortunate to have the gift of stable enough time and network to comment but you know na, abi I don’t tell you enough already? 😉

      Wait o, when is rain time over there…?

      I have always had this confusion over the mind and heart… Which is which and which do we pay obeisance to?

      As I write this again, the rain beats outside. Cold seeps in. I don’t have a cardigan but a jallabia. My feet sing a song of their own, I know it isn’t one of wrong… So, I talk slowly to the keys here and hope that once more the dance of my heart will fly to your ends and let you know much. 🙂

      Weya o, se you know there are questions in this comment that call for an answer?

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      1. Heheh! Su’ Su’! ‘m still trying to figure the weather o’er here myself o. These days, it’s quite unpredictable and erratic– we almost do not know what to expect or when: rain, or sunshine, or windy storm. What’s certain is that we get a little bit of everything every now and then. Hehe. And by Aondo, we are getting used to it.

        Hello from this side! 😀 🙂

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        1. Aren’t we always a bit of everything now and then? That is what makes the times, the weather and everything to come together… Ah. May the times just smile and more than just get used to it, may we find a way to be most excited in every clime.
          Hi! Every time, over here.


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