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after this war (a poem) by su’eddie vershima agema

when the echo of the last bullet shot
fades and even spirits begin to rot
we will find evil grown
fertilised from the blood of our own

we shall sing an anthem:
arise, compatriots, our call obey
but you will never see them
and darkness will be your day



Some all-rounded writer with the wits to turn anything and everything to words with inspiration... cheering to glory and on...

3 thoughts on “after this war (a poem) by su’eddie vershima agema

  1. When the words…’Arise O compatriots’ are reeled out as we recite the National Anthem, we think, living beings…mortals, who are yet alive and breathing! Its however totally heart-stopping… bizarre almost; how ‘Compatriot’ is used in this compelling and captivating piece Sagely One! Perhaps, these ones are ‘half-alive’…the broken in spirit or dead altogether…so which is it Sir? 😁 One thing’s for sure though, these precious ones nurse and bear a deep-seated grudge; they’re embittered and ‘arising’ is the furthermost thing in their grieving minds by golly! 😂😂😂

    Ingenius composition for such a time as this in our country’s history Su’eddie, I like it and God save Nigeria! 👉😎😄

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    1. God save Nigeria!!
      That is the cry. I once had cause to recite this poem somewhere and the attendant applause was silence that ate everywhere. I had to add a prayer quickly. The times are dark but we have hope that the light shall shine to take us out of this continuing lack…that defies every best wish and solution.

      Yemie, sis me, thanks for your own thoughts on this. You bring in an angle every time that helps us see that which even if we saw before, becomes better seen.

      We shall rise above the times… We shall. Amen.

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