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THE WAY TO LIVE by Debbie Iorliam

I don’t know how to define happiness but I do know that any day I see him on the road waving his arms in several directions; my day becomes brighter to a blinding point. This man redefines the word service and compels every mind to pause and be critical of all the time spent doing what they do and how best they do it. Let me tell you about this man. I don’t see him often as I should – it could be twice or thrice a month, depending on his shifts. This man lights up the road with his presence like an electric bulb surging with currents in a dark room. For him, a word like torture doesn’t exist. Whether the sun is shining to a scalding level, his wide smiles and happy waving makes the day cool as long as you draw near to drink from the spring of his smiles. On extremely cold days, his cheerfulness is like a duvet wrapping you and nothing else matters. Nothing. Not even the fact that you might be on the road planning your day while you drive or while you’re been driven. When you get to Modern Market junction and he is there, the world is right again. You can’t help but wonder why everyone isn’t like him. You inclusive.

Dressed in an orange shirt and black trousers on black shoes, which are his work clothes, he stands at the U-turn, spinning to the left, right, left, right like a ballerina in a ballroom while his arms are as active as a wind vane. He never forgets his smile – it is like a stubborn eczema refusing to be cured. This smile never leaves his face. Never. His cheerfulness floods your soul and leaves you feeling woozy in a good kind of way. Then you begin to question, what makes him so happy? His contentment is like a siren. You decide in your heart, that it’s not the money because you have a vague idea of what he earns. No amount of money can infect others with his happiness.  A voice tells you. You know why but you are ashamed to admit it because each day you blame the government for lack of growth and how your life is still like a wall. Your temper is quick and bitter and anybody who as much as smiles at you, gets a whip of your frustrations. But this man enjoys his job like his favorite meal. Nothing can ever go wrong when he is at it. He shoves aside his challenges and works with his heart. His heart. Yes that is it. We don’t work with our hearts. We have motives for working and serving humanity isn’t one of them. So we leave our hearts at home while we leap for the reward and when we don’t find it, we become worn out like pairs of shoes that have survived years of use.

This man and several others are the ones who deserve awards. Those who put their hearts out there: without fear or restraint that sometimes the world doesn’t deserve. They do it all the same because it’s the right way to live.

I would get a name and pictures when next I see him.


© 2015/Debbie Iorliam



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