WHEN MOODS COME… [THOUGHTS] – Su’eddie Vershima Agema

Who knows what this morning brought with it from yesterday?
Did one second at least bring a smile?
Hold on to it…and even if others force a frown for the times, let it go…just for a bit. Push it aside. There’s beauty deep within from which you can draw new lines to make you laugh.
What are the words of others?

Sometimes, truth.

Don’t let any harshness steal your joy. Meditate, let go of what doesn’t count..
Then make the rest of everything else do so.

Too many laughs depend on you… So, think of us. With love even as we follow slow steps to Orisa’s groves where we shall drink deep of your pools… and say soothing words to ease our souls of strain, and whatever pain might lie therein.






(P.S: Final stanza lines inspired by a poem by Agatha Aduro, bardest boo ever liveth. #hugs)



Some all-rounded writer with the wits to turn anything and everything to words with inspiration... cheering to glory and on...

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