I just completed the poem, ‘Face of Heaven’.
I started writing the poem in church on Sunday. Yes, I did. The sermon was on the miracle at the wedding of Cana. I think there’s much we can pick from the Bible. There’s so much treasure within. I could preach on and on, but even if you wouldn’t believe, find peace there. But back to the poem…and the sermon.

I was touched. Love has many issues and sometimes, we carry burdens, worrying for those we love and…worrying for ourselves. Sometimes, we go through so much strife we wonder if it is worth it. Might be we get to that point where we forget the joys that once were the key things that got us going…

Truth is, I wanted to write a sad poem. But the lines kept changing. And soon, it flowed on. I tried to tweak it again, at some point and felt happy at my supposed success. After hearing much from friends and feeling bad with certain issues, I decided to post the poem. But looking at it, I began to wonder how people would feel when they read it; if it would bless them or break them. In the middle of everything, in some boil, I got to talk to Belle. After everything, I came back to my post here. Decided to rather bless, if I can.

Slowly, new words came, new stanzas. New ideas also came in that took the poem beyond love alone. It is lovely to see how the mind makes different things work. But I took time again and crafted diverse themes and thoughts. I shall restrict to its interpretation in the face of love. Now, in that light, I don’t know if I have done a good job but this poem here comes from my heart and is in the spirit of those ‘Note-To-Self’ pieces.

I believe in love but I know there is pain in it. Many times. Hasn’t it been compared to the sweet rose with its thorns? Still, don’t let any moment change you or make you lose hope. There’s beauty in us all. Even when you go through storms, even when doubt, anger, fear or worry comes in, love stands strong.

Find memory as your strength, work towards building every broken relationship, sustain those in their bloom while treasuring moments to use in the future when torments come and remember, love’s happiness and sorrow is worth every second.

It is hard…but worth it.

Good morning.



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8 thoughts on “PRELUDE TO FACE OF HEAVEN (thoughts)

    1. Hmmm Subman. Hmmm. What more does one say?
      Really, what did you think of the poem? You ran around abi? Hee hee hee. As long as the house is long enough to run around πŸ™‚

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      1. Hahaha! Well, about length, you know rooms are not lanes. But I made do with the space.
        I read the poem twice, then finally understood:the story of a man who Is blessed to have someone give him love so good, it comes with an extra blessing: PEACE.
        And then he’s so intoxicated by his lovers love that its become his air, his drug that gives him the high.


        And so whenever he’s down, and whenever he’s up, almost at any time, he’s thinking of this love, constantly replaying its effects.

        Love the poem like, gosh! You were able to put more than one theme into it.

        It reminds me of what will happen to the person that pays attention to the excessive love our creator has for each and every one of us.

        And I feel very strongly, that its also talking about its writer and his love.

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        1. Hmmm, okay I read this and felt a bit naked. Lovely analysis and quite interesting. What course did you read in the university? That’s sound, what you just did… Hmmm.

          In the end though, what more does one say? Do you write poems? [Have I asked you this before?] πŸ™‚

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        2. Lolol naked? Ha, that means my interpretation has a rig of truth to it!
          Thank you.
          Well, guess what?

          I’m a Computer science student!
          Amazing, huh?
          Why am I a science student, when my passions meriting, speaking, singing-lie in art?
          Its a long story.
          Well, I don’t write poems, whenever I tried, t’was always wack. Like, kai!
          But after reading poems more often than before (I never even bothered to read poems before, really), I’m gonna try again; I might just have it in me.
          And no, you haven’t asked me before.


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