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We all should keep a grace – or is it thank you – journal. Whatever it is called. It is that book where you write any good thing that happens to you. You know, someone is nice to you, write it. You watch a movie and get kicks from it, write it. It helps on many notes. Makes you smile broader on many days and on days when you are down, reminds you of the two sides of life – the ying and yang: the good and bad.

The heat of the world seems to be getting fiercer with increased burdens on our shoulders. We don’t know where to turn and in the end, we usually have to look to the skies for help or as it always turns out, look within to find the comfort and peace that cannot be got from anywhere. Friends and loved ones might want to help but there’s only so much they can do. It helps to have them send comforting words or do things to help.

Talking about friends who stand for us. There are those people who try to stand for us when we are down. Who want us to be happy. Many times they would reach out and try to say comforting words, to reassure you or just do certain things that they hope will bring you joy. For instance, they might tell you words (like I would) like: ‘You know I love you?’ ‘You will be fine’ ‘Things will be okay’.

They might try to take you out or do some act of service. Yes, many times it might not be totally what you need but it helps a lot to repay the care and effort of these ones. Please, no matter how depressed or down you might be, try to acknowledge this. I have learnt to say ‘I know you do’ when I am asked by a loved one : ‘You know I love you, right?’ even when in some time of downness I am not really feeling it (truth is in that moment, one demon will make you wonder if they do, hee hee hee). Why? Because sometimes it helps. Next question is ‘what if you don’t mean it then?’ I dunno, I guess.

Now, I am beginning to wonder where all of this is going to. I guess I am just rambling. But what the heck, this is note to self, right? 🙂

I have had many rough days and it has always been nice knowing that there were people out there who care. In the particular moment many words didn’t make sense but much later, as I read or found warmth from the service, I found gratitude. A ready example gratefulness-2comes to mind. I was going through my house on a certain morning when I was down and discovered that one of my younger sisters had done my laundry and rearranged my wardrobe. It made me smile. Later, I was talking to Belle and she noticed my downness. After the call, she sent me a message. I replied and forced my spirit to spit words.

The journal of gratitude too is something that shows me how much life has given me to be thankful for and how sunny the day can be. It reminds you also of things that could have been worse, favours that have been granted and more. Reminds me of the poem, ‘I could have lost you.’ It was inspired by true events and many times when I read those words or similar writings I have, it makes me more grateful. Maybe we should all learn this. Am I saying too much? Also remember cases of others too, who are worse. Perspective brings gratitude many times. On this now, I was just reading a post from Subman’s blog about a man and his wife who were walking. Someone bumped into them and our man asked very rudely: ‘Hey! Are you blind?’ The bumper replied: ‘Actually, I am.’ Darnit!

What else?

You can expand it to make yourself find laughter in that book. Much as possible try to make others happy too…then if it goes right, you find happiness, and yup, write that down too 🙂

Yes, update your blog and share whenever you get these kind of thoughts. Hee hee hee.

Seriously, be grateful for all the good things that happen to you, for all the people in your life and for every time you had cause to smile, even for a second. More, write these down much as possible.

Wherever life leads you today, I pray that you find peace and that the grace of the heavensList gratitude - Oprah will smile on you. Much as you can too, keep a smile. The universe has your back, even when you don’t think so. Cheers!


Song for the moment: ‘Cry No More’ by Uncle Charlie Wilson



I greatly dislike BCs but there was one that got to me that I had to write down. I don’t know the originator but I know the words are original gold:

When someone hurts you, write it down in the sand where winds of forgiveness can blow it away.When someone does you good, engrave it in stone where no wind can ever erase it.

Make happiness a priority for you and yours. YES, you can.


Thank you Aidee, Yemie, Jay, Aondosoo and Debbie. Mch lv to Belle, as usual 😉




Some all-rounded writer with the wits to turn anything and everything to words with inspiration... cheering to glory and on...


    1. Big sis, we go try remember plenty plenty. Aren’t we all offenders? Let’s all remind ourselves small small.

      Happy New Year and may the resolutions not end over here o!


  1. A pretty compelling ‘rambling’ and note to self I’d say Sagely One! These words speak volume and we need to hear ’em time and again! You make a whole world of sense especially ’bout keeping journals of good deeds done us….that sounds like a Plan…Capital Plan!

    Moreso as we often tend to develop ‘amnesia’ in the long run, as it concerns the good turns others have rendered us! And like the seasons, we and the affectionate feelings we nurse towards others; change on a whim and then we come off as total ingrates! 😆😆😆

    I used to keep diaries and journals once upon many moons, and the feelings evoked going through the various events I carefully documented therein was simply surreal! There I’d sit, in my own little space, all by myself; especially on days when I can authoritatively say I actually did hit rock bottom and I’d launch into hysterics as nostalgic feelings are aroused and birthed! So then I get to encourage myself that the fact that I’d had and gone through a bad day; don’t mean I have a bad life after all! That helps lift my spirit back up and its on to the next….the next page in the chapter that’s life and its uncertainties!

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this Sueddie, in addition to picking up valuable life lessons too! Thanks for sharing Prof. and for the mention! 😉😃

    We shalt all overcome someday and that’s a fact….as long as we’re here; then the chances of a better tommorrow’s anything but a ruse! Anything….BUT! 😇❤

    PS: The words as contained on that BC….Priceless! 😄

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    1. In my mind ehn, I answered this thing o…but again you know the distance from the heart to the hand 🙂

      I’ve been discovering more that I don’t want to write memories that hurt. Some people say that it helps you give thanks…to say, I survived this or that. But what of times when such writings evoke painful memories? What happens? Maybe we are different. …sha.

      Working on my gratitude journal jeje. No be small thing. Have you started keeping yours yet? The day will smile more when we do..

      Howdy sis?


  2. Su’ you won’t believe that I’ve been thinking about this exact same thing for a long time now! The name I gave to it was “THE DIARY OF POSITIVITY”. I want make one for myself, and give my dear friends.


    1. Wait a minute…you’ve been thinking? What are you waiting for? Get to it already! It is really nice. I’ve started my own already sef. I am adding the littlest of things inside too, especially when they come from a person I am not too pleased with. Helps me know that they are doing something to support and help.
      I can’t wait to see what it will look like at the end of the year sef. So, when do you hope to start?

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        1. Hee hee hee… Something I learnt: no one promises you tomorrow…
          We don’t know what we will find there. Please, if you can…get a book or you can use your system; anything. Just start it already! Devote what little time you can…but please, let’s start this project on 22nd January 2016. It can even be your birthday present to me… That is, do it as a present. 😉

          Liked by 1 person

        2. Okay, can’t wait anymore-you’ve toppled me over, man!

          I’m starting, like right away!

          Thanks, Su!

          By the way, we’re birth month pals o! I was brought into our messy world on the 8th.


        3. Messy world! Hee hee hee… I don’t want to laugh much. The world has its cleanliness bits too 🙂

          You are Capricorn? Wow! Nice! How come you didn’t tell me? I would have imported you to my parts of the woods to enjoy the great beauty of the 20th but oh well…there’s next year 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

        4. Haha yes, i agree, the world has its clean parts. I didn’t know what Capricorn meant, so I just checked and saw “……the zodiac sign for the goat-“EH? Me, goat? No o! lol. Oh yes, there IS next year, brother. I’m eager for it.


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