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I could have lost you (a poem) by Su’eddie Vershima Agema

I could have lost you
whose crossed ten digits
clasped in devotion for me
whose smiling cheer
formed the water for my tree
in green and in drought


I could have lost you
in that blink
when the sun scorched
and I let my prayer fizzle
in the thought
your plantation was ever-green


Aôndo’s grace was rain in many ways
that stopped the flare of the devil’s scorch
even as time brought you back to crazed lanes…
Now, I would pour a sea of me
to tend to your every need
and if it goes dry…


I would bring down the sky
I would tend every burn
and bring you back
in the dreams and more
home would heal every hole.



(From Home Equals Holes: Tale of an Exile. Makurdi: SEVHAGE, 2014)



Some all-rounded writer with the wits to turn anything and everything to words with inspiration... cheering to glory and on...

22 thoughts on “I could have lost you (a poem) by Su’eddie Vershima Agema

  1. Tried to buy the book on Konga, the link was leading to a blank page.
    So sad,
    Then I thought, having an autographed copy wouldn’t be bad.
    Master Su, send my own copy o…we shall work out the payment details. Thanks!


  2. Reblogged this on agatha's Blog and commented:
    Helloooo People!
    I know, I know.. You feel abandoned, but I promise to make it up with all the juicy details of what I’ve been up to – complete with pictures!

    But for now, here’s a poem from my Beau (who writes amazing poetry and stories!! *sigh…)
    Love a poet, It’s good for your heart! Doctor’s orders!


        1. Alright, I get you now.

          Well, all of the above. Although I used to plan all my posts when I just started………and I still do a bit of that now. But at a point I began to find it challenging to churn out posts, and I realized that it was because I was busy looking for post subjects, and ignoring the ones that were coming to me.

          Liked by 1 person

        2. Okay…makes a whole lot of sense. Sometimes it is good not to overflood the world with blog posts in quick succession sef…before they get tired… 🙂 We await your next though…

          Liked by 1 person

        3. Sure, sure! Thanks! And I never considered your point on ‘post flooding’, but I think its a really valid one. We shouldn’t overdo anything, and we should make sure every post we publish possesses best quality we can possibly give it. Hmmm, I’m really learning from you o! I talk say you be my role model na?

          I’ve just posted a sequel to “TAKE CARE” Hope you enjoy it?


  3. I beheld that title and heaved a heavenly sigh of relief…a relief that came on the heels of..’I could have’; but you didn’t…you get to have a ‘do-over’, a second chance at making things right…Awesomeness! 😊😄

    Plus, this masterpiece right here’s got me breaking out in perfect lines reeled out by the pretty stunning and talented Songstress from way back Amy Grant in a timeless old classic she titled ‘Baby Baby’, which am pretty sure the Narrator is wont to serenading his/her Beloved with, in the wake of this ‘almost’ falling out! 😈😆 So, here goes:

    ‘Baby, Baby
    Am taken with the notion
    To love with the sweetest of devotion

    Baby, Baby
    My tender love will flow from
    The bluest sky till the deepest ocean………..’

    I gotta say Sagely One, that this right here’s one of your absolute ‘bestest’ composition! The sheer beaut these lines reeks of is pretty undeniable…undisguised! ‘I could have lost you, whose ten digits clasped in devotion for me’
    ‘Now I would pour a sea of me to tend to your every need’
    These amongst other lines…impeccable and that Beloved best be prepared; he/she is got it coming cause this Narrator comes totally undone…uninhibited! 😆😆😆

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    1. Yaaaaay! Let every day smile for us! Thanks Yemz…this comment of yours here had me smiling my twin open tooth (like yours) to the heaven. Ah, lemme cover it sharp before fly enter o… 🙂

      Thank you kindly for the words. This poem came from a deep place, for me. This is one of those true poems that were inspired by true events.
      I am thinking now, of different things and thinking of how many times we forget to be grateful for second chances, for new life, for grace. We live in the spirit of the second and fight with what forces there are. Forgetting that we nearly might have been ruined – if not for grace.

      I pray we get to remember more often. I am working no a post on Gratitude Journals. I think we should adopt a lifestyle of such things. What thinkest thou sis?

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      1. Its really not hard to see Sagely One, that these beautiful lines came from a place sooo honest and true! ‘True Life’, is captioned and written all over it! 😂😂😂

        I am so thankful for you though, and you’re very correct bout showing gratitude to every one person in our lives who really, truly matters! Especially if that person takes the time out to interceed for us in prayers….that’s the greatest ever gift…EVER! You do NOT wanna lose that sorta person sooo valuable! That person right there’s HOME! But as Mortals that we are, and plagued by ‘wanderlust’,we can’t help it sometimes and we miss our way; looking for what never went a-miss in the first place! Its been there all along….staring us right in the face! 😆😆😆

        A lifestyle of gratitude is the right move and attitude in the right direction…the altitude and hallmark of purposeful living! So blaze thee on Sagely One, fire dey go! 😂😂😂

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        1. I too feel you jare! Chop knuckle Yemz!
          Now, I will keep that particular one in mind and also remember to pray. Amazing how we let those singular things fade off… Sis, may Aondo helep us plenty.
          I am adopting a new grateful lifestyle that I hope we all adapt to 😉

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