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Christmas…..The Day After!

For another day…

Straight From The Heart


Its the holidays and someone seemed to me to be in a real cheerful and ‘giving’ mood, having adorned most gaily; the Christmas Spirit of giving and sharing! And am talking ’bout ‘the’  Su’eddie Agema; awesome Writer and award-winning Poet! He reeled out these fine poetic lines in accordance with the theme I gave him…’Christmas….The Day After’! I do hope y’all enjoy it as much as I did, even as you go about your celebrations this magical Yuletide Season! Thank you so much buddy, and Happy Holidays to you and all of your adorables! You more than rock….JINGLES!


Draw the drapes

Cake your smiles

Spirit your carols with delight

Hark, hear the angels tune

In our actions


Tomorrow comes when an anniversary ends

Time to forget trends

And listen to the Eternal Child born

Would our love be out worn

When only a whisper away

Mouths call for a bite?


There’s a cold in…

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3 thoughts on “Christmas…..The Day After!

  1. Hola Sagely One, howdy doo?! 😊😄

    Thank you soo much for coming through for me and also for the reblog! You totally, TOTALLY rock! 😃

    Do be gracious and kind enough to look in on folks who were pretty magnanimous and did infact drop off a few nice lines on your sizzling offering! 😛😆

    Have ye a fantastic rest of this magical festive season and a wondrous ’16 in a bit Su’eddie! God bless you and all of yours lots! Be seeing ya, Cheers! 😇😄❤

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    1. I should get my social skills back up! What is wrong with me? *sigh…
      God bless you right back sis! I know things will smile for us surely. Happy New Year. Tried getting through to you on your birthday but no joy… You dey mind plenty. Every time.


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