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Hey, how are you? I hope you are fine. Even if things are difficult, they will only get better. Trust me, I know. This is that season when there is so much pressure. You know, trying to make things right even as this tight economy makes you wonder if you are human. Money seems to be the new currency of laughter and happiness or isn’t it? No, it isn’t. It is necessary but pay attention; there are smiles you can plant to leave much more people happy. How? I don’t know. I am trying to find that one out too! Hee hee hee.

So, what is this post about?

I am learning to write. There’s this thing happening; I am retiring, don’t tell anyone. Well, don’t worry, it isn’t permanent. It is for the year 🙂 And…there’s a need for reinvention… but I am trying to plan something new for 2016 and I need your help.

You see, I want to give a gift out to you, and to me. No, don’t start sending me a list of your dreams… I will help you pray for them truly (what else can I do really? Hee hee hee)… but I can give you a gift with what I have; writing. Let me write you a story—or a poem. What would you want?

If you had the chance of me writing something for you or something you’d love, what would it be? Don’t worry, give all the specifics. You can write it here or send me a mail at

But let’s return to you… The year is coming to an end. It has been a fast year. I remember only last year when I was smiling into the skies at a carnival somewhere, surrounded by friends as we discussed literature. It is hard to believe it is the end of 2015. What did this year do to you? Are you prepared with new resolutions you wouldn’t keep? Hee hee hee! Start implementing them before tomorrow. Never leave till later what you can do now…

Now, have a lovely evening and night, when day comes, may it be lovelier. Things will smile definitely. Wherever you are, please, don’t lose hope and don’t lose faith. Dream more dreams and if you have a way of passing a compliment to someone, do so. We all need us. Go ahead, make a day brighter. May the times be kind.




PS: Don’t forget to send me the ideas and yes, we can collaborate! Yaaaay!

smile people

Here’s sending a special shout out to Subman – who has been dancing on my blog in cool steps. I am coming your way soon. Thanks to my big sis, Dotta Raphels, Williamleeone, Yemie, Damore (Me the blogger), Lefthandedscribbler,Debbie Iorliam, Aondosoo Labe, Melodic Rose, Topazo, DrSwag, Zika, and Belle, among all you others. You make this thing worth it. Thanks.





Some all-rounded writer with the wits to turn anything and everything to words with inspiration... cheering to glory and on...


  1. Look who’s turned Pro with churning up fun posts and reeling out fun lines! This totally grabs Sagely One and your message is well received too! 😊😄

    Thanks a great deal for being a huge part of my life in ’15! How time flies! Its a few days short of an entire year of making your acquaintance on Topazo’s glorious haven…’The Z Channel’ where I was featured in a Christmas Fun Write and you just happened to swing by to chip in your thoughts! Its been a pretty exciting time of camaraderie and learning from you Sir! God bless, keep and nurture you as push forward! 😇😄

    I don’t do resolutions….I live in and for the moment! So when ’16 berths, I’ll cross that bridge of to-dos and things! 😂😂😂

    Happy Holidays Su’eddie, keep smiling and shinning! A most fulfilling ’16’s wished ya and all of your adorables! ❤😄

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    1. Fun post?

      Where? #looksaround…

      Is it only a year really? Phew! Na wa o. Some crazy year it has been…some crazy year! And some adventure too. I remember the post on the Z channel, your zany school tale and all the others I got to read on your blog. If only you had fed us with more…but I comment my reserve. You should send me an idea in what to write too jare! You no see that one?

      Let’s live the moment jare. We have at least 13 healthy days to smile at. Things will smile and we will dance…yeah, we will.

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  2. Su’! You didn’t tell me that chat ‘ll end in this post o, or did this post come before the chat? Hehe.

    And the idea rocks! I just might send in a title for Marvin. 😀

    Lastly– Thanks for the mention. It is you, and the other wonderful writers on the WordPress space; and wonderful friends like you that make us keep doing what we do even when the doubts seep in. I appreciate you in all your essence. Thank you for being there through and through. God bless your kind heart. ❤

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    1. This came before the chat jare! But I guess we are always in the spirit even when you do massive mischief 😉
      We have done some movement o, across several platforms… ah, no be small thing.
      I think I might get one of your Marvin tales and do a remix 🙂 Much to do there. .. Maybe we should even breath Marvin to life soon jare. Or do we wait for fate? 😉

      Gid bless us Dear.

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  3. Master Su! Happy Holidays!
    We will keep dreaming and not give up…we will believe in miracles, of hardwork, of patience, and favour.
    We will be okay, we will pull through…
    As for the gift…errrm, I think I want another gift…I’m sure you know it already. Lol
    Thanks for being there, for being you.

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    1. I was talking to someone yesterday, Topazo, after reading your two poems on Kalahari…they are in a class of their own. A little bird singing in my ears whispered that you should put more of such poems together for your collection. Those poems are in a class of their own. Makes everything you wrote before seem like water….

      We will keep the faith, true, and work a gift in the spirit of the new poet we see in you.

      Iyawo nko?
      God bless us broda mi.


    1. Thank you, WLO (I can call you that? 🙂 ) … Many times I go to your blog, a bit quiet, but I do pick a lot, in your brevity. Maybe in the new year I will need to talk more.
      Merry Christmas, in advance! 🙂

      And for the shared interest, ah, keep on being there, please. I am sure I will need lotsa advice as the years go by.

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