There’s been much to the heart of late. Makes you really wonder about a lot of things. Society’s position on a lot of issues and the like. You see transformations, manipulations and you just keep wondering. Did you hear that by 2025 or so, robots would be brought to replace men in sex? Have you seen all the ways we humans have kept distorting ourselves trying to find meaning in new skins, turning back, proclaiming what we think we know then renouncing it the next day?

Friendship seems to be losing its meaning. Even love. Even relationships. Makes one wonder where the family unit is heading to. Can more than two people exist in one whole? What then is the sacredness of the union of two souls? If two soul mates have found each other, why don’t they just reach out, damn the consequences and hold on to each other? Where is sacrifice? How come people now only find the easy way out in everything including emotions?

Life is getting shorter and more and more, obituaries—individual and collective—become more popular with our sights beholding new posters and/or pictures. Too much is happening at the same time and it just leaves you wondering…

I have kept trying to redefine myself and to understand much, especially in these past days. I have had to make decisions and I am still making decisions. I believe in the sacredness of marriage, of trust, of family, of friendship and of a couple alone together. Does this make me to be of a world that no longer exists?

Maybe. Maybe not.

There’s loyalty and there’s much that we have to fight for. There’s also our personal persons, fulfilling our purpose and making each second count.

Let’s make this world a better place again and regain values that always make each moment worth it. Be bold and take decisions.

Importantly, be true to yourself.


  • Su’eddie Vershima Agema


Some all-rounded writer with the wits to turn anything and everything to words with inspiration... cheering to glory and on...

11 thoughts on “MEANING THIS MORNING

  1. Hi,

    Thank you so so much for this writeup and thanks to the holy spirit for inspiration. I wish that the whole world would read this. Please keep it coming.


  2. Aw! You’ve such a beautiful heart Sagely One abd a rarity in these days and age! That’s pretty commendable Sir, I salute you! 😃

    At the end of the day, our choices become us! ‘If we truly love ourselves, we can’t hurt others’; according to the teachings of buddha! Being true to selves and pondering on the probable consequences of our actions before we carry ’em out will go a long way! Remembering also to love our Neighbours as ourselves enough to treating ’em as we’d like to be treated will help us lead selfless lives and hurt one another far less! Thanks for sharing this Sir…deep, plenty reflexive and real meaningful I find it! Aaaand…Happy Holidays Su’eddie! 🎅😇😄

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  3. We found you Yemie! And you dropped by! Mmuah! #hugs.
    Blushing too much spoils my makeup so cool down on that… 😉
    What does the holiday hold for you? I am tapping all the extra advice and keying it somewhere. ..Things will surely smile for us all.
    May the heavens be kind.

    Eh…how far with a new post? We need something zany Babe!

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    1. Hehehe. Look who’s on a love high this morn! Must be something in the air then?😩 I’d be sooo damned!😆😆😆

      Hugging and ‘muahing’ all the sweet way back Su’eddie! You bet! 😄

      Zany post and Babe? Hian! 😯Dunno ’bout zany 😛but I have one post up I think you may or may not have seen! You can go look it up whenever you’re good for it! 😃

      The Holidays….’bout that, am just pretty much going with the flow and taking things real easy peasy! 😁 You?

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      1. I hope I get to take it easy. Too many things to catch up on. Ahhh….don’t mind me, I think I am on a love high. Must be the weather. 🙂

        I will go check the blog…how could I have missed anything? :O

        Another day with plenty waka. I still think you have loads of fiction in you. Find it!

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        1. Duh! Whatever will I do to make you see Sagely One that I was neither made for fiction nor even writing for that matter! ‘This’….this whole thing just kinda….happened?! 😈😆

          Take your pretty lil sweet time and come by whenever you’re good for it…absolutely no pressure! 😂😂😂


  4. Oh, my oh my. That’s all I can say o. Your post speaks to me. Me and my generation of youths. We are the ones that love the easy way through to things or out of things the most, you know?


    1. Hee hee hee… Welcome Subman, glad to have you here. We all need to hear this thing. I am not sure it is generation-specific per se, especially in these days…but yes, let’s spread the word 😉

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