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beyond the degree…. what next?

You have to be here… Ife 28th November 2015…

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When I was in the university, I viewed the world through rose-tinted glasses; my fool-proof plan was to get a degree and be set for life (I know, right??). It didn’t help that I was studying a professional course. I mean, all I had to do was tell people I’m a Medical Doctor and jobs would be falling all over themselves for me and I would make a pile of money. At the time, it was inconceivable that I should ever be unemployed, but my doubts were quickly cleared (as we dey talk am). I remember a standing joke among my friends: “This is how we would be going from patient to patient, reporting ‘No pallor, no jaundice’ while our peers will be making money from business deals.” When I graduated from school, armed with my degree in medicine, I realized that the world was much bigger than my degree…

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3 thoughts on “beyond the degree…. what next?

  1. I like you before o but now that you’re going to Ife, I double-like you. Do shine the light in the hearts of many people who give more room for doubt than they do faith.


    1. Hey! How come I didn’t see this before? 😦 Oh well, I went there o, and even performed a poem in stress mode. Walahi, it wasn’t funny… I also had a talk on writing and publishing. That was the redeeming grace (I hope 🙂 ) … Well, there you go! You are, also an Ife queen? :O

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      1. If it wasn’t good, they’ll let you know but since they didn’t clap you out or ask you to ‘dobale’ then it must have been good. Plus, I trust it must have been great and you just want to play humble.

        Ife queen with a crown set with exquisitely cut stones,
        mo proud gan 😆🤗👑👓.


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