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lifesong (words in lines) by su’eddie vershima agema

if life was fair
the bleating of goats would not be nuisance
nor our claps try to kill mosquitoes when they with music thrill
animals wouldn’t all go naked
lost in the wild, prey to predators
who feast on their innocence

if life was fair
plants wouldn’t be at the end
trampled on or turned to food
objects brought down
when life seeps through their souls
fibres that reach to the skies
swaying in praise…

if life was fair
we wouldn’t run to find fulfilment
in li(n)es that might never come true

each end sets a  trend that creates a better end
sometimes not seen but always realized
when we believe…
everything worketh together for good



Some all-rounded writer with the wits to turn anything and everything to words with inspiration... cheering to glory and on...

27 thoughts on “lifesong (words in lines) by su’eddie vershima agema

        1. Cool to know you’re doing well. .. life is fair at your end then. Yes? 🙂

          Hey…you know what they say about curiosity and the cat, right? 😉

          Eh… I was talking to a friend and we both were feeling blue or so. We needed strength and I guess the Almighty poured Himself out through these lines that unworthy fingers typed.

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        2. Haha but I’m sure curiosity also made the cat wiser 🙂 that’s fantastic that you were able to find inspiration to turn a negative feeling into something positive. I find that there’s such healing in art and also in prayer. And when art comes from the heart, with the sincerity of prayer over ones situation, its an all the more powerful expression of faith.

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        3. You know, this could easily have turned into another post … Deep words there Melodicrose 🙂
          You sure have the gift of the garb… Do you have any of your performances online?


        4. I will get to your channel and check for the one – or hopefully, two 🙂
          I am @sueddieagema on Twitter and yup, just my name on Facebook. You on any of these channels?
          I guess that’s about it. Too much of a busy life in the real to spend on the virtual but who knows what time will bring?

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      1. Well sir, “Life is not fair” as said, and the green grass sometimes are and not getting any greener, even on the otherside. What do I say! That’s how Life is… I guess. Grateful I am. How about you sir? Any greener?


  1. That infamous ‘Life is not fair’ phrase we tend to use when we sink into despair and the urgent need to wallow in self pity descends upon us! I totally get this Su’eddie, trust me; I do! 😈😆

    The final line’s a clincher…..’that for as many as believe, all things work together for our good’! Plus, the grass may not exactly be greener on the other side of the fence as we’d like to think, but can be greener on our side of the fence; if we care enough to water it! Thanks for sharing ’em deep lines Sagely One; plenty kudos! 😃👍

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    1. Do you watch animation? Hmmm… Your comment at that point reminded me of ‘Little Mermaid’: ‘the seaweed is always greener, in somebody else’s lake’ 🙂
      The last line wrote itself, I guess. I wrote the thing and stopped somewhere then the rest of the lines conspired and finished themselves… Makes one think, how much authority and proprietary rights do we have over some words we spill out in lines?

      For this, the past, and even the future: Thanks for every compliment and yab, Yemz, We dey your back… *don’t look back… 😀

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      1. Am big on toons Su’eddie, totally suckers for them! Thought you’d have guessed that by now! 😆

        Plus, think nothing of ’em complimentsand yabs, its all in a day’s work! 😈😛

        As regards those lines that wrench themselves free of the supposed Author and Poet, and breathe themselves into life….I say that’s diabolical and there certainly must be a ‘rational’ explanation somewhere….maybe! 😩😄

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        1. Ah…truth is that one can never be too sure. As our Naija people will say: they no dey know finish. Those yabs and compliments, I will give you a run for it some time soon but no wahala… all in its time.

          Wait…se you know that diabolism defies rationality? 😉

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        2. Aint nothing ‘rational’ bout diabolism Su’eddie, its paranormal….mysterious, defies logic and reasoning! And I take it too you didn’t read between the lines then, enough to know I was gabbing and playing devil’s hide with you or did you?! 😩
          Bwahahahahaha! 😈😆

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        3. Oh Wow! That was soo well played Sagely One, I ‘kowtow’ to your supremacy! You rule and indeed, two can play and one, can totally outwit the other! You win! 😣😭

          All’s well overhere as am sure they are overthere, with you also! *tsking* 😆😆😆 Thanks for asking anyhow….’schweet’! 😂😂😂


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