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BEEFING A MOSQUITO (Short Tale) by Debbie Iorliam

Hee hee hee! This had me laughing really much… Interesting one.

Sevhage Reviews

If you have never beefed a mosquito even for once then there might be two reasons for this. One you certainly have never been liked by a mosquito and two, you’re just too mean to tolerate nonsense! Whichever way, it involves a tremendous effort.

When a mosquito decides to be obsessed with you on a wrong night, be rest assured the night would be an adventurous one. I say a wrong night because it might be a night you need to shake off the stress of a long day, by having a good rest. This mosquito would remind you that if pikin no sleep, why mama go sleep? And so it would sing you annoying lullabies that would remind you of the power nature has over her subject. For tonight you’re its subject. At this moment you’re at the mercy of the mosquito and nothing you do can make a…

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